Make Your Concrete Swimming Pool Look Good  

by Pool Builders on 12-16-2012 in Articles

Concrete swimming pools provide a great amount of flexibility in shape during their construction. Swimming pool designs that have a natural feel are the most popular designs today. The art of landscaping has advanced enough to convert you backyard into a comfortable outdoor living room. Architects and designers are increasingly including several different features that fit perfectly into your backyard to create a harmony with the water and land around you. This is called as poolscaping or the art of making your pool look good

Poolscaping begins with the design of the pool itself. Concrete pools allow for great flexibility in shape and also in designing the landscape around you. Benches and swim-bars fit perfectly with a concrete pool. While the options available are many, some are more popular than the rest. Here are a few of the most popular poolscaping accessories.


One of the easiest methods to accentuate your concrete pool is by fencing. An attractive and well designed wall can increase the security around your pool while making your backyard look special. These walls can be designed from several different materials and colors to suits your theme.


A grill may not add to the beauty of your pool but it certainly does add to the comfort. By installing a stylish grill next to your pool, you can enjoy a nice and warm barbecue while watching your kids play in the cool and soft water in your pool. Also it makes a great accessory to throw poolside parties and if everything else fails it is certain to make your pool the envy of your neighbors.

Water features

If you don't get satisfied with a fence and a grill, you could take it to the next level by installing certain water features such as waterfalls and fountains around your pool. All you need is an extension to the inlet and have water falling straight into your pool. It adds to the looks and renders a tropical feel to your pool.

Fire pit

While it might seem strange to many about having a fire pit near your pool, others say why not? Fire pits are among the latest and trending poolscaping accessories. With a fire pit around your pool, you could spend some quality time with your family frying marshmallows on a summer evening.

Lighting and furniture

Finally you could simply adds some lights and throw in some easy chairs around your pool. Easy chairs, umbrellas and tables create a pleasant atmosphere around your pool adding the much required icing on the cake while adding lighting brings out all your decorations and highlights them like a cherry on top.

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