Make Your Life Easier With an Inground Pool Cleaner

by Pool Builders on 06-09-2010 in Articles

Pools can develop algae, bacteria and scum on the pool's surface and water. This can make it unhealthy for you to swim in. That's why if you own a pool, you must properly clean it. If a pool is left uncared for, once the water becomes dirty and contaminated it will have to be drained which will can become costly and time consuming. The cost of water to fill a large capacity pool can be very high. Then you will also have to invest more money in pool supplies to bring the water back to its proper levels. A great solution can be an inground pool cleaner.

If you choose to invest in an inground pool cleaner you will find that they come with different features and sizes. Some cleaners operate mainly like a vacuum and need to be used manually. These models still save you time since you can typically cover more area than if you didn't use one at all. You can save even more time by using an automatic cleaner. These units will run on there own and will drive themselves all around your pool, cleaning on its own. These same units may also have a timer feature that will start running when you want it, like while you are at work, so you will come home to a clean pool. The size of the cleaner will depend on the size if your pool and the model you buy. Some can be larger like a vacuum cleaner and others can be smaller like a small kitchen appliance.

The cost of these units will vary from just over $100 to over $1000. Some units will only vacuum the pool floor, some will scrub the pool's sides and others can float along the top skimming anything from the surface. Other units may do a combination of these things. So this summer keep in mind that there is more to a pool than its pump and heaters, an inground pool cleaner should be an equally important piece of equipment. Pool cleaners are a great product to have to maintain your pool and keep it ready for the summer fun.

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