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If you are looking forward for fabrication and installation of liquid containment solutions, architectural fabrication custom design, and fabric products, you are at the right place. From military-specific and industrial uses to domestic applications, our solutions are among the best in terms of high quality materialS. We are a brand that has been trusted and first-rate knowledge to deliver quality fabric solutions for decades. Our products can be used for a number of applications including mine site storage, food grade storage, rainwater harvesting, water and waste water storage, chemical storage, waterproofing, waste containment, dam liners, emergency aid, tank liners, swimming pool liners, architectural fabrication, truck and car wash bays, contamination prevention, ornamental lakes and pond liners, spill containment, weather protection, shading solutions, shade sails and contract fabrication and many more. We take the best quality architectural fabrics and manufacture them into a wide range of value-adding products. Our knowledgeable and experienced team includes industry experts from fabricators and designers to licensed installers and a passionate team of managers who continue to explore new technologies and materials so that the architectural fabrics and fabricated products we offer are always first-class. If you are willing to get more information you can learn more here.

We are expert in creating customised or standard liners. Our products are made with the highest quality pool-liner materials, as when it comes to buying swimming pool liners it is better to have a product which is UV-resistant and ideally suited to the harsh whether conditions of Australian. Our quality pool liners are the amazing solution to fix your leaking and cracked pool. We also make for a cleaner, more hygienic pool as we work to prevent the growth of mildew, mould and even bacteria. Pool cleaning is perhaps the only downside to having them, but with a quality liner, the maintenance and cleaning times are greatly reduced which means you have more time to spend in the pool, instead of cleaning it! Look at here for further information.

Our fabric pool liners are featured with comprehensive industry warranties cover all linersnon-abrasive and Smooth, Inhibits mould, bacteria and mildew growth, Long-lasting, Wide range of patterns and colours available, Easy cleaning and maintenance, A perfect finish for leaking and cracked pools, Custom-made to suit each pool and can be manufactured to any size and shape.

We work closely with our clients to achieve the best solution
We also provide our customers with the best quality tank liners including modular, fiberglass, concrete, steel, polly, block and wooden. Tank liners are far more suitable than any other type of waterproofing finish. Our tank liners are pattererned and designed with sophisticated CAD software, which is cut with a robotic plotter/cutter and welded using thermal techniques. all our liners made in our factory are packed for easy transportation. See this page to explore more

You can also purchase online rural tank liners, making it more convenient for people living in rural communities to buy PVC tank liners. Our rural and domestic vinyl liners offer an economical solution for preventing leakage and increasing the lifespan of the tank. Our quality liners are suitable for both below ground and above ground tanks, so we really do have a lining solution for simply about anything! Visit this page for more information.

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