Make Your Swimming Experience a Safe One With Life Jackets

by Pool Builders on 02-06-2010 in Articles

Life jackets are also referred to as life vest, life preserver or personal flotation device. This is used to assist a person either unconscious or conscious to his/her face above the water's surface. Life vests are available in different sizes and designs different levels of protection. These are used in swimming pools, air-planes, boats, yachts, large ships and they are easily available for the civilians or the crew members. Life vests are available in a variety of designs. This ensures that they provide complete protection to you while you carry on your water and boating activities.

I am sure you might be pondering over the question as to how such jackets are capable of keeping you afloat. This depends over a number of factors. These factors are displacement, buoyancy, foam core, air chambers and design. There is a very famous principle. If an object contains water, then it will continue to sink and displace some amount of water. This will continue until the body has displaced an amount of water that is equal to its weight. Thus if, the latter is achieved then the body is pushed upwards with a force called buoyancy in water. Foam core jackets are basically nylon-lined form vests are less buoyant. This is a very common life vest, the reason being that it is relatively cheaper and is available in most of the places where it is used as safety precaution like lake cruises, amusement parks and many others. In fact you would be amazed to know that most of the foam core jackets are specially designed for children. It is designed in such a manner that they fit easily to the child without causing any suffocation.

It is ensured that the child is not choked as well as can swim comfortably without having to worry about the life jacket. Air chamber life jackets are also available to provide protection. Air chamber life jackets are basically used for crucial and potentially dangerous purposes. These can be offshore passages, overwater air flights and for other purposes. These air chamber the jackets are also referred to as "Inflatable life Vests or jackets". These can also be used for other recreational purposes like boating, fishing, sailing, kayaking or even canoeing. The advantage which these jackets hold over others is that these are less bulky. Thus you can experience a lot of comfort while wearing them. Deep water jackets are basically for the purpose of long term immersion in cold water. They offer insulation as well as buoyancy. Apart from these, underwater life jackets are also available. Thus divers often use such life jackets to provide positive buoyancy in case of emergency. Specialised life jackets are also available for adventure sports like river rafting, kayaking etc. It is also necessary to buy life jackets of the right size and which fit to your body. Hence these life vests can serve a number of purposes while you are in water. You will find a number of brands and companies that manufacture life jackets.

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