Make Your Swimming Pool Filter Cartridges Last Longer

by Pool Builders on 03-29-2010 in Articles

Replacing your pool filter cartridges will be one of the largest expenses related to maintaining your swimming pool. While the typical pool filter cartridges for modern residential pools will typically last between three to five years, the life of the cartridges will depend on many different factors including the backyard environment, pool usage, and quality of pool maintenance. Below are several tips on making your pool filter cartridges last as long as possible.

Keeping Cartridges Clean - the top reason cartridges need to be replaced early is simple neglect. Set a regular schedule for cleaning the cartridges and after each cleaning write down the pressure on the filter pressure gauge after cleaning. Monitor the pressure gauge between cleanings and when the pressure rises 8 - 10 psi, clean the cartridges again.

Avoiding Cartridge Damage During Cleaning - avoid common cartridge cleaning mistakes and don't use stiff brushes or a pressure washer during cleaning. The cartridges should come clean using a normal garden hose with a spray nozzle set on the jet setting.

Using Two Sets of Cartridges - extend the life of your filter cartridges by alternating two sets of cartridges on each cleaning. Make sure to clean the dirty cartridges right away after swapping them out with the clean cartridges and store them where they will dry out fast and remain dry until next use.

Balanced Pool Water - always keep the pool water chemistry balanced properly. Unbalanced pool water can cause buildup and premature wear to the filter cartridges and can result in additional pool problems including algae that clog the cartridges and cause unnecessary damage to the cartridges.

A properly maintained pool filter is a must for all residential swimming pools and neglected filter cartridges can not only lead to many different pool problems, but also can be very expensive to replace. Make your pool filter cartridges last as long as possible by adding these filter cleaning tips to your pool maintenance routine.

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