Make a Pool Heater - A Simple Plan to Build a Solar Pool Heater!

by Pool Builders on 10-05-2009 in Articles

Are you interested in getting warmer pool water and extending your swimming season? Did you know that you can construct your own pool heater and get better results than those you purchase in a store? There are ways to make a pool heater and get the water to be much warmer than you are used to. Here is a simple plan that I used to gain nearly 12 degrees in water temperature in Indiana.

First, you are going to need to go to your local hardware store and get 100 feet of black tubing. This should be at least a half inch in diameter. You will also want to get about 10 to 15 feet of PVC pipe that can fit tightly in the end of the black tubing. You should be able to bend the black tubing and it should not be really thick. You will also need a 2 - 8 foot 2 by 4s, a shut off valve that will fit on the PVC pipe, and a pump.

Next, you will want to take the 2 by 4s and drill holes in them large enough for the black tubing to fit between them. Then, you will cut them in half long ways so that you have a bracket to hold the black tubing. Now you have to run the black tubing back and forth in tight loops without kinks between the 2 by 4s. You will want to 4 sections of 2 by 4 that are 4 feet long each.

Last, you will mount this part of the heater on a roof top or somewhere that will be in direct sunlight. We mounted it on a short roof that was going over a fenced in area for our dogs, but it could be mounted on a shed or a house as well. Then, you will connect PVC piping and the shut off valve to the end that will return the water and the pump and some of the PVC to the other end. Make sure to mount the pump in a dry and flat area.

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