Make the Pool Secure by Using Pool Chemicals  

by Pool Builders on 10-27-2009 in Articles

There is a general thinking among the pool owners that chlorine is all that is required for cleaning the pool water. This is true to some extent but when the problem is serious, then other chemicals have to be used to make things normal. Therefore, many chemicals are used to make the water clean and hygienic for swimming.

There are different ways and procedures to use chemicals for cleaning the water. It is a must to handle them carefully to avoid any damage to the pool equipment and surrounding areas. Careful usage of the chemicals will also help to secure the swimmers from any reactions and diseases. It is necessary to consult an expert in deciding the different chemicals to be used for the pool. There should be a balance between the different chemicals which will help in attaining the water quality. Hereunder are some of the chemicals which are essential for keeping the pool clean.

  • Chlorine: It is necessary to add the right dosage in the water to keep the pool water clean and healthy for swimming. It helps to prevent the water from algae infestation, germs, other plant lives and especially bacteria.The pool cleaners are also available at swimming pool supply stores located near your area.

  • Algaecides: If the issue is serious and the water has turned to a green swimming pool then it is necessary to use something else with the chlorine dosage. A green swimming pool means that the pool has developed algae in it. To clean the algae, it is vital to use water clarifiers and algaecides. There are many algaecides which can make the water hazy. This discoloration may be because of the wrong usage of a chemical for the pool water. So it is necessary to check the proper period for scheduling the maintenance which will prevent the algae to return in the future.

  • Sodium Hypochlorite: It is a type of bleach which is used in cleaning the pool. This helps to disinfect the pool from contamination. The proper swimming pool bleach will help you to take care of the problem.

These chemicals already contain substances which are ideal to maintain the pH level of the water. But a periodic check of the pH level also helps to keep the pool free from contamination. There are different chemicals which are especially manufacturered to maintain the pH level of the water. After all, the swimming pool is a place to have fun and not to invite health diseases and risks. Regular maintenance is a key to make the pool the best place for summers.

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