Making A Koi Pond - Four Considerations  

by Pool Builders on 12-02-2011 in Articles

Making a koi pond is not difficult, but does involve a lot of labor and a fair amount of expense. After all, it is just like putting in a swimming pool and the first rule of a project should be applied. Take the time you think it will take and the cost in dollars and double those. This might be closer to the true expense than you realize. But that being said, making a koi pond can be a rewarding experience and add value to your home.

Things to consider if you are interested in making a koi pond:

1. The first and most important thing to do is to plan your koi pond. Size matters and this is something that cannot be easily moved. So size, shape and location are three of the most important decisions you have to make before you start a project of this magnitude. I cannot stress planning your pond enough. Shape is not as important as size. I have seen koi ponds that were three feet wide and deep and twenty feet long and others that were shaped like swimming pools. Others are just holes that were dug in the ground. Size determines how many fish the pond can support and how much the end result will cost.

2. The second most important consideration is whether to make your koi pond in ground or above ground. It does make a difference, because this will determine how deep the hole has to be. Some above ground designs are completely above ground and can save a lot of time and money in the construction. The downside is that the pool will usually be less than three feet deep with an average depth of two feet and may not offer enough protection from sun exposure, predators and freezing for your fish. This will also impact the plumbing you install for your filtration system.

3. Construction itself is the third consideration. How are you going to construct the pond? Your choices are usually limited to concrete, liner or kit. All three methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Kits and liners are usually best for above ground or partially above ground ponds. Concrete construction is not something I would recommend for a novice or DIYer. Liner pools are not exceedingly difficulty if you are at all handy with tools and can read the instructions. The greatest advantage of using is a kit is that everything you need is usually included.

4. Filtration and water flow from the pond to the filter and back again is most important to maintaining a pond that has water that is good quality and healthy for your fish and plants. The pump and plumbing should be big enough to circulate at least half of the water in the pond every hour. The filter has to be able to remove harmful material from the water and a UV light should be installed to kill any algae in the water. The filter system could include a waterfall or fountain to help oxygenate the water and give that wonderful relaxing sound that only flowing water can give.

Not planning how to make a koi pond is the biggest single mistake made by most new koi owners. Take the time to do your research, make some tentative drawings and list everything you think you might need to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on.

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