Making Use Of The Sun To Lengthen The Swimming Season  

by Pool Builders on 09-28-2012 in Articles

Many pool owners experience a natural progression from elation when a swimming pool is first purchased to disinterest and neglect after the colder months arrive and it is too cool to swim comfortably. To counter this problem, smart pool owners are turning toward the installation of solar heating units. Pool owners who want to save money, protect the environment, and get more use out of their pools during the year are capturing the sun's rays to heat their pools for a minimal amount of money.
The solar heating unit works by directing water into tubing installed on the roof with solar collection panels. This is where the sun heats the water, or cools it if it is run at night in hot climates. After it is either warmed or cooled, the water is sent back into the pool.
Besides the solar collector, most heating units includes a pump, filter, flow control valve, sensor, and lengths of tubing. The water from the pool is pumped through the filter for general cleaning to prevent the other parts of the heating unit from getting clogged. The water then passes the flow control valve. This valve is connected to a sensor which determines whether the water in the solar collector is warmer than the water passing the valve. If it is, the valve directs the water onto the roof for heating. If the temperature difference is negligible, the water bypasses the collector units and returns to the pool.
The energy conservation is one of the highly beneficial aspects of this system. A tiny bit of electricity is used to power the pumps. However, all other energy that is required is taken from the sun. This renewable energy is an inexhaustible resource that is being tapped to heat the pool waters.
Installing solar heating doesn't cost any more than putting in electric or natural gas devices. However, solar heating systems do not incur additional expenses to run after installation, unlike the gas-powered and electricity-driven systems. As a result, they cost less to use. The amount of money saved over a period of ten years will equal installation charges of five such systems. With new technology and improved materials, solar heating systems can today withstand an onslaught of temperature variance and climate changes. Pool owners should look for a device that is made from durable materials that can efficiently work in the blazing summer heat as well as winter's cold days.
Although a solar unit works through the sun's renewable energy source, the device itself is still subject to damage over time. Owners must check the device regularly to keep it working well. Owners must also clean out the solar unit from time to time and replace any part that is worn. This will save pool owners from additional expenses incurred due to the breakdown of any component.
Choosing to heat a swimming pool with a solar heating system is a great way to protect both the environment and the wallet. In addition, swimmers can use their investment for more days each year. Solar heating units are making a big splash in the swimming pool and renewable resource industries.

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