Making Water Safety Fun - How Learning to Swim Can Be a Fun Filled Experience Your Children Will Enjoy  

by Pool Builders on 07-03-2013 in Articles

Tell your child that you are going to teach them about water safety and they will probably make a moaning noise, screw up their noses and try and walk away. Tell them that they are going be enrolled in swimming lessons to learn how to be safe in the water and they may show a little more enthusiasm. Then tell them that during their first swimming lesson they are going to be bouncing, splashing and blowing bubbles in the water and you may have softened them up enough for them to accept a new learning experience with ease. Learning something new, something important or something that could prove to be lifesaving doesn't have to be boring and the sooner your kids realise that the better.

Opening Up To New Experiences

If your children have never experienced how much fun being in a pool can be this will open their eyes. If they have only even known fear when looking at the pool this experience will show that the water is nothing to be afraid of. Swimming lessons take the normal learning experience and turn it on its head. This is one area of learning where all of the lessons are practical lessons and all of the lessons can be fun. One of the first things that a child needs to learn is that having water splashed into their faces is not going to do them any harm. This is the biggest fear with a lot of children, that somehow having water splashed onto their faces means that they are not going to be able to breathe; so this is quite a big hurdle to get over.

Facing Fears

During the first lesson, your child will be encouraged to put their chins into the water to the point where the water covers their mouths. Their nose can remain above the water if they wish. The exercise is all about blowing bubbles; showing them that they can safely exhale air from their mouths whilst under the water. This exercise is all about teaching them to hold their breath when putting their heads under the water and showing them that the water will only go one way when they exhale; not fill their mouths and make them choke. It sounds like quite a simple exercise to do but for some children it can take a lot of effort to complete. Once they have mastered this little exercise they become a little more confident about getting their faces wet.

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