Managing To Keep Your Pool Clean  

by Pool Builders on 07-14-2012 in Articles

Pools are a good way to help keep cool and enjoy yourself during the warmer summer season. As swimming pool sales have raised over the years, a growing number of people are learning to maintain and keep their swimming areas up to par for their families and guests.

Regardless of whether customers have chosen an above ground swimming pool or made the investment decision to dig in-ground, there are general guidelines every owner must know when you are considering the maintenance and servicing.

Pools that have turned green or even black colored are indications that you have been neglecting the cleaning process and needs special treatment before you can use the pool again. The very first thing owners should do is clear out all of the large and smaller pieces of debris which can be captured using a net.

These large leaf nets are usually extremely effective with removing debris than a simple skimmer. While these nets may stir up the water of the pool, the water color may start to look worse than it did previously; nonetheless, almost all physical matter has to be removed from the swimming pool waters.

It's essential for owners to avoid vacuuming the bottom level of the pool if your bottom surface isn't visible or if cluttered in debris. When debris exists at the base, it might ultimately clog the vacuum, costing lots of money in repairs as well as having to replace it.

Alkalinity and pH levels should be tested, managed, and modified. If owners are uncertain about the content of the water, many community swimming pool companies can come out to test the water or allow customers to bring in samples to ensure that a analysis test can be administered.

If a swimming pool is extremely filthy, owners should add gallons of chlorine over a range of days so that the water can go back to its usual levels. Nearby pool businesses might also be prepared to help with customized chemicals and control of the pool, but chlorine is particularly important for a very filthy swimming pool.Several owners will operate a fighter all day and night and then backwash for 3-5 times per day to get instant results. Although green or cloudy blue water can easily block a pool filter, the more times a swimming pool is backwashed, the faster it will take to clear. With the help of chlorine, the pool really should clear up within a week's time.

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