Managing Your Pool Water After a Storm  

by Pool Builders on 09-30-2014 in Articles

Relishing in the crystal clear waters of their swimming pool when the weather is gorgeous outside can be tremendous pleasure for €'all peaceful lifestyle'' lovers. However, when a storm comes out, the harmony of your pool waters could be completely ruined. Swimming pool owners need to know how to manage their water balance and water hygiene levels, especially after a severe weather outburst. A storm can cause your waters to go cloudy, you pool to fill out with debris, or your pool electrical equipment to get damaged. One way to learn how to manage your water's condition after severe weather condition is to leave everything in the hands of a specialized pool service company in the local area, and allow them to solve your swimming pool issues. Example of a company featuring a variety of pool services is Al's Pool and Spa, a San Diego pool service provider.
Managing a pool water environment after a storm can be done in the follow way:
No matter how dirty you water may appear on the surface, do not empty it completely from the pool bed. You might want to drain your pool and re-fill it again with water. However, this is not the most effective and safe solution. Moreover, this solution can be threating for your pool because it may cause €'popping out'' of the ground bed. You have to clean the pool water from debris and leaves, and not replace it completely.
Get rid of €'floating'' debris
With the help of an extendable telepole, or a leaf net, collect all debris from the surface of your swimming pool. Keep in mind that some of those debris and floating leaves might have €'travelled'' down to the bottom of the pool. If there are some remaining particles of dirt, it's best if you remove them in the vacuum process.
Clean Skimmer Baskets
Clean your pump strainer and skimmer baskets before you turn the power on. You have to remove the debris accumulated in these parts of the tool to prevent your system from clogging up.
Check the electrical condition of your pool
If there are no signs that there is an electrical water damage to your swimming pool, you should be safe to switch your power on. And get back to enjoying your swimming pool waters!
Now that your pool waters are clean, you can fully enjoy your aqua activities! If something else occurs that you are unable to solve, rely on the services of a qualified pool service professional!

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