Manual Or Automatic Pool Cleaners? Which Should You Prefer?  

by Pool Builders on 04-13-2011 in Articles

One of the best and easiest ways to keep your swimming pool clean is to have good pool cleaners. To keep the clarity of the water and to ensure the health and sanitation of those plunging on your swimming pool, it is very important to choose the pool cleaner that will be totally efficient and would leave you worry-free.

Basically, there are two types of pool cleaning systems that you can choose from, the manual and the automatic. It depends on the needs of your pool, your budget and to your time whether which one of these is good for you. You could also ask the advice of someone who knows about swimming pools on which type of pool cleaner should you take.

Manual cleaners consist of basic scoops or leaf rakes and traps. A brush with pole is also used to clean the walls of the swimming pools away from the formation of algae and molds. There are also chemicals that are used to prevent the growth of algae and at the same time, disinfect the water.

There are a lot of individuals who still prefer the use of manual swimming pool cleaners because they believe that this system is more efficient. They choose this over the automatic type since the human eye can be able to clear out even the smallest impurity in the swimming pool. It is ideal to clean the swimming pool at least once or twice a week if you are using the manual cleaning system, to be able to achieve the desired cleanliness of the pool area.

Automatic pool cleaners are an easier way to clean your pool areas. They function like a vacuum cleaner which is used to collect all the debris and sediment from the swimming pool. The device moves in irregular patterns around the bottom of the pool. A complete and well done cleaning job depends on the length of time the cleaning device is used.

This type of pool cleaning system is preferred by those individuals who do not have time to clean the pools themselves or to supervise the cleaning job of hired personnel. Since the job is done automatically, it does not require the supervision of the pool owner and he is allowed to do other chores. The latest and most high tech type of cleaner is the robotic cleaner, a device that cleans every single nook and corner of the pool efficiently.

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