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by Pool Builders on 08-14-2009 in Articles

How many people look into the world of marketing with fear of failure for lack of understanding? It is easy to over complicate things when we don't have a good grasp of the basics. There are elements of marketing that are a part of everyday life.

Example: Let's say that you just returned from a vacation, you had a great time and you want to tell a friend about your trip.
Consider this simple idea from a marketing perspective.

1. Your product is something of value that you want to share with others.
2. Your Target Market is those people who will be pleased to hear about your experience. You also know that there are those people that could care less. As a result you will seek out those you would like to talk to and bypass those who won't be interested.
3. Your Marketing Activity is the action of contacting your friends.
4. Your Choice of Media is the option of calling, e-mailing, using Facebook, or sending a snail mail letter.
5. Your Presentation is the part where you tell your story.

You had a product to sell, you identified someone that would be interested and you told your story. It does not matter what happens from here. Some people will be glad for you and others; not so much. No big deal. There might be someone who had "By In" and they will tell someone else about your experience.

In the real world of marketing there are only so many people that will have "By In." You know up front that is only a limited percentage of people that will be interested in your offer.

When you have something to sell you:
1. Determine who will be interested.
2. Identify where to find them.
3. Choose a method of contact.
4. Share your message.

Next Level:
Keeping in mind the basics, you are now faced with the task of developing a quality presentation. This part does not have to be so difficult. You might look around for some examples of those who are successfully marketing something similar to your offer. Keep it simple and stay on point. You must make an impression at a glance. If your offer is confusing no one will take the time to sort it out.

Key Tip: (Attraction Marketing)
Today's most successful online marketers are using a method that is simple yet brilliant. Begin with the understanding that everyone with a business opportunity to offer is saying that it would be foolish not to sign up with them. That is a not the field of battle you want to enter into.

Most people who enter into network marketing are ultimately looking for the opportunity that will take them to their happy place. (Whatever that is.) While the quality of the opportunity is important it is more important that people know they can do what it takes to make it work.

When people are hurting for income and are looking for change they are NOT just looking for another opportunity. They are looking for real solutions that will improve their life style, pay some bills or get out from under their current job. They are looking for someone with answers who can give them the direction they need.

Start with information on how to fix the problem. Today's top earners in network marketing are leading with offers for free information that is consistent with the needs of the majority of network marketers. This "Free Gift" of information needs to be something of proven quality. When presenting solid information you are gaining the credibility you need to attract those who are seeking a legitimate opportunity.

Problem / Solution
Consider a person who wants to build a swimming pool in the back yard as a do it yourself project. They don't start by installing a diving board. They look for an expert that can tell them what they need. You come along and give them enough information to prove that you are the person for the job.

Now that you have demonstrated that you can show them how to dig a hole they will need a shovel, and a wheelbarrow to do the job. Your goal is to establish a relationship and provide the necessary tools. The more you can contribute to the task of digging the hole the more valuable you are. As the project moves forward you continue to provide tools and training. Note: Your primary business is in selling diving boards, pool toys and water chemicals. At this point it is an easy choice for the customer to rely on you for the rest of his pool needs.

I believe you get the idea. So let's break this down from the marketing perspective.

1. You know what others need to know about building a viable business.
2. You give them a gift to demonstrate your ability to assist them.
3. You offer the tools they need for the job at a bargain price.
4. You have the Business Opportunity that they need if they don't already have one.

This process does not need to be complicated. With some basic study and the willingness to TAKE ACTION anyone can establish a successful marketing campaign.

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This article is a simple breakdown of marketing basics that will help Network Marketing beginners launch their business with the same methods used by the industries top income earners.

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