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by Pool Builders on 03-20-2010 in Articles

Master spas is a premier spa manufacturers and have many dealers worldwide including China and Russia.

MasterSpas of Wisconsin [] have specially designed their spa for many purposes. The Revolutionary H2X swim spas are made for swimming training purpose. Swimming is considered as the most beneficial aerobic exercises. It can build your strength and your endurance with a low risk of muscles and joints impact. But most of people don't have time in their day to go to the swimming pool. The in-house swim spa will be the perfect soultion for you, and Master Spas H2X model will be the best choice. H2X swim spas are easy to install and energy efficient. It will allow you to be able to swim every day in your own back-yard, no matter what time it is.

Master Spas H2X swim spas have the Exerswimâ„¢ propulsion system which already patented. This system have an unique propeller which provide the deeper, wider, and smoother current, thus will make you experience a special swimming which is not provided by the other swim spas. The current can be adjustable by the SwimNumber System. That system can allow you customizing its flow for most of swimming level. H2X swim spas also completed with a convenient digital control which allow you to set the water temperature, thus will make your swimming experience better.

Master Spas H2X unique shell design provides you with a wide and long area of swimming. And it's designed so there will be not any obstacles like steps or benches to your feet. There are two choices on these spas. There is the original H2X, which is 16' 9" long for the serious swimmers and it's the perfet fun for families. And there is a brand new Master Spas H2X CrossTrainer which is 14' 6" long, with more features pack and has bigger area of swimming in its class.

The popularity of aquatic exercise has been growing rapidly across the country. Different from the other swim spas, the Master Spas H2X line has the large flat floor without any obstacles. The controlled temperature feature, make it perfect to some of fitness exercises. You can use a kickboard, or even jog in the gentle current, or any of optional Aquatic Exercise system. You can even experience the resistance training benefits and some of motion exercises. The Stainless Steel grab handle will facilitate your exercise.

Many of the aquatic fitness experts have been recommended the Master Spas H2X swim spa. Rebecca Pfeiffer, the creator of innovative Poolatesâ„¢ program, is enjoying the H2X swim spa. The water buoyancy makes the joints easy in exercising, and its gentle approach gives you a total mind and body workout.

You can enjoy your full body aquatic exercise, because of the H2X swim spas. You will enjoy the time saving convenience with the privacy at your home. The Master Spas H2X CrossTrainer comes with its Aquatic Exercise System, which allow you to jog in place, and some strength training.

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