Master Your Summer: Enjoy the Rush with Aquatic and Fitness Based Sports!  

by Pool Builders on 07-18-2011 in Articles

Got that itch to move and keep moving? Feeling that burning energy in you to keep going forward, then don't worry, a lot of us have that drive every summer. It's just natural to want to get out there and mingle with the crowd, try learning your favorite sport and jumping into tons of activities without looking back. It's the summer rush and we all know what that means - time to hit the beach! Get into your swimming gear because you know that all the fun is in the water. Unfortunately not all of us are close to a sandy shore so why not go for the next best thing, a swimming pool.
Why not get into something aquatic and fitness minded where you can explore your range of water-based sports while measuring all the fun you can have. There are a few hybrid sports that play into this pool-based category such as water polo, freestyle swimming, water-skiing and pool basketball. The fun in the games is the cooling attachment of water to the skin and the fun in the bounce of water's buoyancy. It's like playing basketball on the moon where rolling around and twisting about under the water makes it a fun spectacle to watch.
Freestyle swimming is a very aquatic and fitness based sport because it tones the body to give it that special definition that displays the human musculature and form. Most swimmers are very lean and ripped due to everyday swimming practice and swimming activities. Don't miss out a chance to have fun and build a good body.
All water-based sports like pool basketball (a literal game of basketball in a swimming pool) create strong muscles from their usage to keep the body afloat and from the pressure when they dive deeper into the water to get that jetpack-like launch when pushing off the bottom of the pool. A lot of athletes consider water-based workouts as perfect ways to tone the body and make it stronger because movement underwater requires more strength than on land. Example would be professional soccer players kicking as hard as they can underwater to make their kicks harder, faster and stronger.
Don't waste your time tanning yourself out when you can do that and build an awesome body this summer while having fun with the countless aquatic and fitness-based sports out there. Grab your friends and start a good swimming race or just play chicken!

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