Master-planned communities  

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Living in a Master-Planned Community

Who would not want to live in a home where the neighbors are nice, the streets are clean, facilities and amenities like play structures and outdoor play equipment are top of the line, and living in itself is a breeze? By these standards, having a home inside a master-planned community would be a dream come true for parents and their children.

But why live in a master-planned community? What are the upsides? Any homebuyer asks him/herself those questions when considering establishing a residence within the borders of a master-planned community.

A trend that boomed over 50 years ago, master-planned communities have flourished until the present day because of their appealing aura that reflects stress-free living.

Most master-planned communities offer what most potential homebuyers look for. Developers of such communities take into consideration important and crucial elements of modern living such as geographical location; security; access to important places of interests and facilities such as schools, libraries, churches, and shopping malls; access to specific agencies in times of emergencies, such as the police, the fire department, and hospitals; as well as recreational amenities. This is essential as meticulous homebuyers look for these factors and see if the community's structure and resources conform to the kind of lifestyle they want to live. Simply put, a developer of a master-planned community looks well into the needs and future of the community's residents.

Perhaps the most enticing factor of master-planned communities are their amenities, which may include a golf course, swimming pools, well-designed playgrounds fitted with commercial playground equipment and play structures for children, and other outdoor play equipment. These amenities offer a way of life not available in ordinary subdivisions.

Where typical subdivisions offer the usual amenities like playground equipment [], play structures, and other outdoor play equipment, master-planned communities include such play structures in commercial or shopping centers. For example, in one or more sections of a shopping center, commercial playground equipment or outdoor play equipment is installed so parents can take a break from a day of shopping with their kids to provide them with the opportunity to play with other children.

In the community's golf course or sports complex, play structures are often set up, so that while mom and dad enjoy time on a putting green or a dip in the pool, children can have their equal fun on the playground equipment. Parks are also a regular feature in master-planned communities and a park is no fun without outdoor play equipment []. Parks complete with play structures offer children a place to hone motor skills and get physical exercise. And of course, the playground is always a good venue to develop friendships with kids in the neighborhood. Playgrounds and play structures inside a master-planned community are not just social junction points for kids, but for their parents and guardians as well. Parents who accompany their children during their leisure time are also provided with an opportunity to socialize with other parents.

Most master-planned communities also have man-made lakes fitted with floating canopies and water parks with outdoor play equipment. These are great spots for relaxation and community building as well. Such amenities aren't just for fun; they help grow the community into a strong, closely-knit one. Play structures and other leisure resources help establish and nurture bonds with those who live in the neighborhood. Though facilities like these may be viewed as nothing more than just a place of recreation for residents in master-planned communities, leisure facilities are actually more than that. Facilities complete with the latest commercial playground equipment, bike trails, swimming pools, golf courses, and other outdoor play structures inspire family social gatherings. Constant interaction and communication among family members and fellow residents strengthen relationships and friendships, which in turn, gives the community an identity of its own that is unique from other communities.

Living in a master-planned community is a good investment. Such communities are an ideal ground for starting a family, raising children, and gaining life-long friends. As the old adage says, "Home is where the heart is." Making a home inside a master-planned community is not that different from making homes in other locales; but the fact that master-planned communities come with facilities like play structures, lakes, and other outdoor play equipment that serve not only as a means to pass the time or entertain oneself, but a chance to become happier, stress-free individuals, makes the master-planned community a wiser and more ideal move.

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