Maternity Swimming Suits

by Pool Builders on 08-30-2011 in Articles

Shopping for maternity swimsuits is very different from shopping for pre-pregnancy swimwear. The purpose of the swimsuit has changed from flattening, minimizing and enhancing to swimwear that stretches and is comfortable to wear. However, the main goal is unchanged; you desire to look the very best you can and you want the swimwear to suit and flatter your body. For a swimsuit that suits your body, look for one that enhances your positive assets and shows off you changing shape. Look for swimwear that can take you from the 1st trimester all the way through to the 3rd trimester. The main things to consider in a swimsuit are ease of fit, comfort and bust support.

You don't want to feel restricted in your movements or uncomfortable whenever you sit or stand. Don't try to fit into your pre-pregnancy swimsuits because not only will they restrict your breathing it will pinch and bulge at all the wrong places. Prego Maternity has many varieties that are made especially for pregnant women. They have ring-kinis, tankinis, halterkinis, one piece performance suits, halter babydolls and also maternity bikinis. These styles of swimwear are made from materials that contain 20% Lycra and 80% Nylon that ensures that there is stretch in the swimwear. Due to their immense stretch capability, it ensures the wearer can wear them all through the trimesters during their pregnancy. Many top and popular maternity designers now have fashionable and trendy maternity swimwear. Some of them are Maternal America, Ripe Maternity and Olian Maternity.

Before you purchase your swimwear, remember to check the particular shops' return policy on these items. This is because, with swimsuits, you cannot be certain of their fit until you actually try it on. Another point is to always check if the swimsuits contain at least 20% Lycra as this will allow for enough stretch. For those who are serious swimmers and who like to put in a few laps every day at the pool, it is a good idea to go for performance maternity swimwear. Prego Maternity's Empire Tank ensures great bust support and is a good choice. For those who want more hip coverage, there are the 2 piece versions that have side ties. These are great as you can adjust the size your shape changes.

Versions of these kinds are the Hipkini, Halterkinis and the Tankinis. To disguise the bottom and hip area, a great choice of swimsuit would be one with a skirt. You can find some great Babydoll swimsuits at Prego Maternity and they have styles like the Halter Babydoll which come in a variety of print patterns and solid colors. The Babydoll Plus style is a tank style which works for many women. If you prefer to expose a little skin or belly in a bikini style, there is the halterkinis and the tankinis. They are fashionable, trendy and really flirty to wear. You can find them in solid colors as well as pretty print patterns and pastel shades. If you go for prints, remember that the larger the print, the flattering it is for big bellies. To ensure better bust support for bigger busts, versions of tops that are tank styles that come with wide straps that are adjustable make a great choice. The style that is better suited to medium or small bust size is the halter style although the Prego Halter Babydoll provides great support and comes in larger cup sizes.

If you're buying your swimsuit in your 1st trimester, remember to go for swimsuits that have adequate stretch and room in the bust area as you are sure to go a little bigger during your 2nd and 3rd trimester. For the confident pregnant woman who loves to show off her body, the maternity bikini will do just that. The maternity bikini has more room and stretch than the average bikini and will allow for your body's changing shape. Those that come with side ties are also good as they allow you to adjust for the hip area. Have a couple of maternity swimsuits in colors, prints and styles that you like and that flatter your body and you will have fun at the pool or at the beach!

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