Matrix Resin Above Ground Pool Review  

by Pool Builders on 12-07-2011 in Articles

The Matrix Above Ground Swimming PoolThis is a fairly unique style from Wilbar Corporation, Among the list of largest above ground pool manufacturers in the nation. Better known as Shrakline Pools they are situated in New york NY.

Its construction consist of Resin and Steel. The wall is made from traditional steel and is super corrosion resistant. The remainder of the pool is made of super strong and super thick resin.The resin used is put through a special gas (Gaim) injected molding process. This creates its super strength and exquisite surface. It's the thickest resin style available today. Each injected mold piece matches the other building a true round shape thus making a layout scenario that is super easy. Its uprights snap into place without screws and its top rails are made to swing into place where there're locked into position using super strong resin connector pieces to complete its sleek look. For above ground pool construction companies this resin above ground pool is quite installation friendly. Actual pool installations are completed in 1 day.

The Matrix above ground pool is ideal for cold weather climates. Matrix consists of mostly resin makes this pool corrosion resistant for the duration of the pool. It's not unusual for companies that sell this pool to supply their longest warranties. Often times these warranties are 60 years on a pro-rated basis. You can put any style liner in this particular pool. Whether it's an overlap, Beaded, J-hook as well as EZ-Bead liner it will fit seamlessly on the Matrix above ground pool. The Matrix is available in 54" height oval counterpart is buttresses free giving the oval pool the same unique look. What really sticks out the most for this pool is its sleek looking design. It's a beautiful design with all the strength to last for many years into the future.Because this pool is made of resin it is not a smart idea to move this pool from one location to another. The parts snap lock and taking apart this design could break snap locking components that give the Matrix its strength.

Its sleek and a very attractive and its style will bring any backyard to be the envy of the neighborhood.Decks built up to this one makes it any deck look beautiful.

The resin will not corrode making the Matrix above ground a perfect choice for this application. This Matrix is available throughout the united states at your local Sharkline dealer.

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