Maximizing Space at Amazon Pattaya Condominium   

by Pool Builders on 12-26-2011 in Articles

What can one possibly do with a 35 square meters space unit such as those found in Amazon Pattaya Condominium? Most will probably say nothing; it's too small a space and might probably be unlivable, if one prefers huge areas. But Amazon Paradise Jomtien has achieved this great space maximization, something that can be deemed as virtually impossible especially if the unit plan features a one bedroom unit type. Surprising? Yes if the plan does not come from the Iguana Group Matrix, the developers backing Amazon. But considering that the Iguana Group Matrix, run under Rony Fest and Miki Haim, one of the best professional real estate market businessmen, has been awarded the title €Best Developer in Southeast Asia,€ for 2011, then this excellent condominium plan is hardly a surprising turn of events.

There are three size choices for the Amazon unit plans. The units are respectively of 41 square meters units in size, 40 square meters plans and 35 square meters. In other condominiums, the space of 35 square meters would usually entail a studio type, but for Amazon, all units have again, the one bedroom type. Inclusive in the unit designs are terraces that either overlook the pool or the city and of course fully furnished bathrooms and European fitted kitchens.

Amazon Pattaya Condominium is actually modeled from the original Paradise Park Pattaya Condominium thus similarly, it also has its own fitness center and restaurant. However, the design is much improved and much better compared to Paradise Park because the whole make up of the condominium emphasizes space, making things for the prospective clients wider and less claustrophobic in whole. This was done by removing the fitness center and restaurant from the common area for the swimming pool, a design which is exactly opposite to the common area design for Paradise Park.

The space maximization for Amazon can be seen too in the real size of its swimming pool. Instead of having empty large spaces for lounging and just lying around, the condominium offers one of Pattaya's largest swimming pools. The swimming area stands at 1200 square meters in size and comes with real sandy beach and smaller islands intermittently located inside the pool for better relaxation and almost real life island hopping experience. The same said pool also stands three tiered proving more that space is really emphasized in the creation concept of the said project.

To make condominium's size seem larger compared to other condominiums in the Pattaya Thailand area, the Amazon is intended to be completed with only four low rise buildings. To have more several levels in its buildings would perhaps make the center swimming pool seem to be too enclosed, thus defeating the purpose of having some space.

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