Mexican Vacation With A Difference  

by Pool Builders on 02-27-2012 in Articles

Deep in the heart of the Yucatan, Mexico, there is a small mayan village called Chunkanan. This village is famous for being the starting point for a visit to the Three Cenotes of Cuzama. A cenote is a sacred mayan underground lake, and they are abundant in the Yucatan because of the unique rock formation and structure of the land. The Yucatan has a system of underground rivers that feed the cenotes, and many are open to the public. The Cenotes of Cuzama are among the most beautiful cenotes in the area, and have a unique attraction in that they are only accessible by horse-drawn truck. From the village of Chunkanan, you are taken seven kilometres deep into the Yucatecan jungle, stopping off at each cenote so that you can climb down and swim in the exquisite, turquoise waters. Each cenote has incredible stalactites and stone formations. It is said that once you have swum in a mayan cenote, you will always have to return.

It is not well-known that in the village of Chunkanan it is possible to stay at a privately owned compound, Sac Nicte, consisting of three mayan-style cottages or cabanas, rented together for up to six guests, which are set in an acre of tropical gardens. There is a large swimming pool, supplied with water by a traditional windmill. So after your memorable swim in the cenotes, you can return to the comfort of your cabana, relax beside the pool, and enjoy the slow pace of life. Later you can sleep in a comfortable mayan hammock, after watching the spectacular star-lit night skies. Off-the-beaten track, this Mexican Vacation is certainly a one-off holiday opportunity. Guests who have stayed there have been delighted to be able to wander around the village, meet the locals, and enjoy the gracious hospitality of the mayan people.

For some guests, this has been their first experience of sleeping in a hammock, and some approach this idea with trepidation. However, without exception, everyone has commented on how comfortable it is, how pleasant to sleep, floating above the ground, keeping cool on a hot summer Yucatecan night.

Another advantage of staying at Sac Nicte is that, although meals are not automatically available to guests, you can ask the caretaker's wife to prepare a meal for you. She is a wonderful cook, and prepares typical mayan dishes, cooked on three stones, tasting fresh and smokey, and delivered to your door.

For a Mexican Vacation with a difference, why not check out the website of Sac Nicte, and see whether it might be the holiday for you.

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