Michael Phelps Olympics Swimming - Phelps Racks Up Gold Medal Number 6

by Pool Builders on 08-14-2008 in Articles

Michael Phelps Olympics swimming champion -- latest win (today August 15, 2008) means he is just one gold medal away from equaling Mark Spitz's record of seven Olympic Gold medals in one Olympiad. That's six out of six events! This was an easy win for Phelps, then, he got back in the pool and qualified for a chance at No. 7.

This makes it his 12th career Olympic gold medal.

Similar to Mark Spitz, Phelps must be feeling the pressure in fact Spitz had remarked just before going for his 7th Gold Medal "If I swim six races and win six," he reasoned, "I'll be a hero. But if I swim seven and win only six I'll be a failure."

Luckily for Mark and for the Olympics he did not end up wondering. His success at the Munich Olympics has reserved his 36 year old legacy.

And so it must be for this young Olympic titan who was quoted saying "There is still something left in the tank," ... "I've got three races left, so there had better be something left in the tank"

Looking extremely focused, his start was superb and by no means did he look back. Instead he destroyed the world record and hitting the pool wall in one minute 54.23 seconds. That makes this the 21st world record to be shattered at the National Aquatic center so to date.

Well for sure the smog in Beijing is having no adverse effects on the Olympians there or on Michael Phelps Olympics swimming performance!

For Michael Phelps his 12 career Olympic Gold medals gives him three more than anyone else and he looks like a shoe in to beat Mark Spitz's 1972 record of 7 golds at a single Games.

For Michael Phelps if he pulls off his 8th Gold medal, the real question is will be able to capitalize on his success. For most Olympians one gold medal is not really worth that much in endorsements. Typically less than 1 to 2 percent of the Olympians make 99% of the money. One thing is for sure if Phelps cleans up the gold he may well CLEAN UP ALL THE ENDORSEMENT GOLD!

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