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by Pool Builders on 06-04-2008 in Articles

Many people think that it is a real boon to have a pool and obviously it is great, especially if you have children or grand children, but anybody who actually has one will be well aware of the actual time it takes to keep it clean from everything the wind and elements bring to it.

In addition, you have the routine of having to constantly check that the balance and quality of the water is correct. Then unless one also has a water heating system, which usually turns out to be expensive the pool, can only give a nice bathing temperature for only a few months of the year at the most. To have a sauna is also great as you feel wonderful after that final shower and in the winter, it really warms you up. Many people having both these luxuries have now decided to try the latest trend that is so popular in the United States and is rapidly growing round the world that of a Jacuzzi style Hot Tub.

When choosing a Hot Tub there a few points to consider and here are some of them:-

Good quality Hot Tubs have well designed shells made from high-grade acrylic like Lucite Extra Cast or Quarrite. Make sure that the Acrylic is of a high standard not just that it is simply Lucite inspired or based on a Lucite design. Get the dealer to show you his colours chips marked Lucite or Quarrite as appropriate.

If it is not made of these materials then one has to ask one self why not, as these two makers of Acrylic are acknowledged as making some of the best acrylic for Hot Tub Jacuzzi Spas in the world.

Modern Hot Tubs have well designed plumbing systems to minimize the noise of their running and avoid tight or small pipe runs and are well designed and assembled with proper materials and not in a cheap skate way.

The latest electronic controls like Balboa to control the spa functions such as heating - pumps - timers and that kind of thing

A proper bottom or base that will with stand the elements and any attacks from horrible beasties. Some Ozone and I hear you saying what is that? Everybody I ask claims they know what it is but I doubt somewhat. Ozone is something I am sure many of us have heard of but do not really know what it is.

Ozone is a form of" active oxygen", nature's very special molecule and interestingly enough the composition of one ozone molecule contains three oxygen atoms. On the cheaper imports, the Ozone looks like large water droplets but on the proper made spas, the Ozone is seen as a fine stream of air bubbles.

Properly designed seats that are accommodating and have different heights and shapes so as to create a different sensation treatment

A properly made cover that will retain heat and our experience is that with proper cover, the hot tub with no heating will only lose one or two degrees overnight say from 7 in the evening to 10 am in the morning. Obviously, the ambient temperature will have some effect on this.

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