Mimic Nature with Outdoor Waterfalls  

by Pool Builders on 06-07-2009 in Articles

Contrary to popular belief it is not a difficult task to have outdoor waterfalls in your backyard. This is the true element of nature. Nothing beats the sound of trickling water over rocks to create a peaceful setting where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings.

You don't need to have a thundering roar, but you can have a force of water that does drown out the sounds of the neighborhood and the traffic on the street.

These are decorative pieces that enhance the visual appeal of your backyard. If you ever decide to sell your home, this is one addition that will truly add to its value on the market and make it appealing to buyers.

Outdoor waterfalls can take on many different designs. You do need to have a pool or basin into which the water will fall and a submersible pump that will take this water back up to the top so that it will continually flow.

The design of the cascading slope will determine the path of the water and the force of the flow. Copper, slate and stone are the common materials used in the construction because they will not rust in the water. Stone is the best material to choose for a natural look.

The height of outdoor waterfalls [http://www.hometopics.net/landscapes/large-water-falls-can-be-installed-almost-anywhere.html] can be as low as ten inches or if you have a natural slope on your property you can really use this to your advantage by creating a work of art.

There are many different color choices as well, but the best ones to use are those that fit in well with your landscaping, the stone of the area and the exterior of your home. You need to have electricity connected to the waterfall so that you can turn off the pump when you are not using it, such as during the winter months.

If you have lots of room on your property, you can combine the outdoor waterfalls with a swimming pool. This gives you a natural area for entertaining and an area where you can cool off in the heat of the summer.

Just the sound of the water falling into the basin of the waterfall, if you do not have the room for a large pool, creates a soothing effect. You can design pathways for the falling water or use metal tubing to produce reverberating sounds that mimic those of the large waterfalls you find in tropical regions of the world.

Building outdoor waterfalls does take time. Once you take on this task, you can expect it to be a work in progress on which you work in your spare time. When you have it in place, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment as you sit back and look at what you have created.

However, if you don't want or have the time to do this on your own, there are waterfalls that you can purchase ready to install or you can hire professionals to do the work for you.

There is also another option in getting outdoor waterfalls for your garden. Waterfall fountains are smaller and well-suited for placement in the garden or on the patio. These come in a wide range of designs and colors and are not as costly as you may think. They are very easy to install on your own.

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