Minimum Requirements for Keeping Your Pool Clean and Safe

by Pool Builders on 10-27-2010 in Articles

Having a large body of water on your property is a huge responsibility, multiplied if you have a young family or have children visiting and swimming regularly. Your pool should be enjoyed by all but also respected. You owe it to yourself to be savvy about keeping it (and thus swimmers and pool users) safe and clean. Of course, you could go overboard with an impregnable pool cover and a high, sharp fence, but nobody wants to feel like they're swimming in a prison.

  • Keep your pool water sanitary and safe. This will require an almost daily effort on your part to test for the chlorine, pH and total alkalinity of your pool. With these elements kept in constant balance, you will ensure that they're serving their purpose and keeping your family safe from pollutants.
  • Pool covers are useful in that they prevent leaf litter and other contaminants from entering your pool and dirtying the water. This gives your pool a better chance of retaining its delicate balance of chemicals.
  • It is essential that your pool be fenced or closed off within your property. This will prevent small children and pets from venturing too close to the edge and falling in. Even if you don't have any children using your pool regularly, fencing is still required. The laws surrounding pool fencing are generally the same, but your council will have all the details you need to make sure your pool is safe.
  • Like the chemicals in your pool, pool filters and pumps are to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your water. You're going to want to find the exact right size pump for your pool. Too small and it will merely be ineffective, too large and you could cause serious damage to both your pool and the pump. As a general guideline, you're going to need a pump that can churn through your pool's volume in about six hours. You're going to need to also match up your filter with the pump. Each filter has a maximum flow rate and if this is not met by the pump then you're either going to have dirty water or a backed-up pump.
  • If you want to enjoy the luxury of a pool, you're going to need to be prepared for keeping it in check. Set up a daily schedule of tasks. Each should be no more than a few minutes long and in return your pool will be safe a clean for you and your family.

It may seem like a lot to qualify for 'minimum requirements', but without taking the time and effort your pool will fall into ruin that will be costly in both time and money to repair.

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