Modern Above Ground Pools Look Stylish In Any Backyard

by Pool Builders on 08-06-2014 in Articles

It is tough to beat the water when it comes to cooling off during the summer. A snowball, ice cream, or a cold beer can provide some temporary relief, but there is nothing quite like submerging in water to beat the heat while enjoying time outside with your family. Many families join a health club in order to enjoy a swim during the summer because in-ground models can be quite expensive. For years, homeowners have shunned above ground pools, a cheaper alternative, because they did not like the way they looked due to their blue or white surrounding panels. However, there are now so many new options, it is very unlikely that you will not be able to find something that blends in well with your backyard. These new models are stylish, affordable, and functional.

Today's above ground pools come in a variety of shapes and styles. To select the right one for your yard, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. It should be placed where there is a three foot clearance between the shell and any structures. You should also avoid trees because the roots can push through the liner. The area should also be free of underground lines, septic tanks, dry wells or debris, and overhead electrical lines. Once you figure out where it should be placed, you can select the right size, shape and depth.

The two basic shapes of above ground pools are round and oval. These are the most budget-friendly options because you may not need much professional help to assemble them. A soft-sided model can be purchased from a big box store for a few hundred dollars. Experts advise that the round models offer more swimming area than an oval option of the same length. Homeowners who want the less expensive option do have stylish, well-made models from which to select. Resin, which is corrosion-proof, can be used in place of steel to support the structural components for a more attractive and longer-lasting pool.

Homeowners who want their above ground pool to be part of their landscaping scheme or backyard deck will want to discuss their options with a specialist. Some of the more stylish options can be incorporated into your backyard to look as though they were placed in the ground. If your property is sloped, it can be positioned to look as though it is an in-ground model when a wooden deck is built around it. Outdoor furniture, such as deck chairs, can be placed around the perimeter to complete the look. Alternatively, your swimming hole can melt into your landscaping by using a surround made of stone or wood that matches the rest of your backyard. Building a multi-level deck around your pool or installing decking around half of it is another way in which you can partially conceal the surround. The materials and landscaping you use are only limited by your imagination and budget.

Above ground pools have come a long way from a structure with a cheap, plastic blue or white surround. There are many stylish models available that can work with your budget and yard.

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