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by Pool Builders on 04-11-2011 in Articles

Drowning is one of the leading cause of death for kids and young adults of 1 to 19. I mean, yes, pools are wonderful but we have to admit that they can be risky and dangerous at times. As a parent, a baby sitter or an older brother or sister, you always have to be in the know about basic pool safety tips.

Pool safety 101 is pretty basic. These tips contain very valuable tasks that you can execute to make sure that the youngsters are pool-proof all year-long.

Such tasks include the following:

1. Talk to your pool contractor about their own pool safety tips. Ask your pool contractor to consist of safety additions into your over all pool structure. Such things may comprise using non-slippery flooring for your pool edges and pathways. Communicate with your contractor and ask about these things. You'll never know. These things may just do the trick.

2. The 2nd and probably the most important step in pool safety 101 is to teach or to arrange your kids to be taught how to swim. It's mainly an imperative thing. Teaching your kids to swim really gives them that extra layer of protection. Educating your child to protect him or herself is a must.

3. Put up tall fences around the pool - all four sides of it. Putting up fences only on one or several sides may be pointless. Well, I bet you already know why. Be sure that each fence is at least 6 feet high.

4. Install pool alarms on your fences to warn you whenever you child gets near the water.

5. You can also put up cameras to monitor your kids whether they are out, near or in the water. Just be reminded that this does not, in any way, substitute supervision. You should always be there when your child goes for a swim.

6. Make certain that your pool comes with a well-built and steadfast cover. One of the most famous pool covers today is called Loop Loc. It has sworn to truly protect your kids and other things from your pool. Their ad is amazing. They made a baby elephant stand on the product and it proved to be ultra effective. Make sure that you get one of those.

7. Only use Red Cross approved life jackets for teens, toddlers, youngsters and infants. Do not rely on other floating paraphernalia to keep your child safe. They, whatever they may be, will not save your precious ones from drowning.

8. Hire a licensed life guard if you cannot watch over your kids when they swim. In addition, do not let multiple under aged kids swim in the water at the same time. You will surely have a pool nightmare when that happens.

Pool safety 101 is beyond doubt necessary in every pool owner's life. Be firm about these commissions and be sure to execute them. Ask your husband, older children and friends to help you carry out these tasks. Remember, a pool is great but our kids are much greater. Pool and safety is definitely a perfect mix.

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