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by Pool Builders on 04-08-2012 in Articles

We're back answering your common pool supply questions. Hope we can clear some things up so you can get back to enjoying your pool!

I'm having issues with scale and other contaminants building up in my filter. How can I clear this up?

Try rinsing out your cartridge. There are cartridge rinses available that you can soak your cartridge in to help remove oil, scale, scum and other pesky build-ups. This can improve filter efficiency immensely and even prolong the life of your filter. You also might be backwashing not enough or even too much. Backwash when your pressure gauge tells you to, because backwashing too much can reduce effectiveness.

I'm adding the recommended amount of chlorine but but it's still not sanitizing effectively. What's the problem?

A few things could be going on here. In some environments, adding chlorine while the sun is out can reduce its effectiveness. The sun's rays can eat up all the chlorine, leaving none left to do its sanitizing. If you add it at night, more of your chlorine will go towards sanitation. Or, if you've had a lot of contamination lately€"maybe you've been having problems with animals or muddy kids jumping into the pool€"you may need to temporarily increase the amount of chlorine you use. Another problem that could be causing this is that you're putting all your attention towards monitoring chlorine levels and haven't noticed that your pH or alkalinity is off. If your pool chemical balance is out of the recommended ranges, and the water is too basic or too acidic, then that could be why the chlorine isn't doing its job. Chlorine relies on the water balance being in the healthy range in order to work properly. Another possible issue€"check how you're storing your chemicals. Make sure its out of direct sunlight and that it's not mixing with other chemicals before making it to the water.

I'm overwhelmed by the work my pool requires but I don't want to hire more help. Are there pool supplies that make this any simpler?

Yes! Many pool owners buy controllers to make maintenance easier. Pool controllers monitor chemical levels and automatically feed the necessary chemicals into the pool. This chemical management system prevents fluctuations in pH level, which can in turn prevent corrosion and allows sanitizer to work more effectively. You can find a pool controller at our pool supply store so that you can spend less time maintaining and more time swimming!

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