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Accommodation is one of the key components of your trip. To compensate the role it plays in your home. Moshi is a small town at the foot of the mountain. Kilimanjaro, and not very far from the North of the national parks, many tourists start their journey from here.

Many of the accommodation centers on an upscale camping in and around the city. It is always better to book early as they are generally full of the best-peak seasons. I'm sure you do not want any unpleasant surprises after you arrive.

Into the top 15 hotels in Moshi in Tanzania below.

Note 1: This list is my personal perception and is not approved by all the institutions.
Note 2: They do not assess the same procedure.

Protea Aishi Lodge: O 4. Miles from the city center is located next to the river, a beautiful atmosphere and solar-powered hot pool, in-house restaurant and a well maintained hotel. The right choice if you are taking a break between safari and / or climbs.

Kilimakyaro Lodge Lodge is situated in a quiet location on the outskirts of the main city, you will fall in love. Fantastic view of Mt. Kilimanjaro from this place is what I do often. The hotel restaurant serves a simple continental meals and antique collection will keep you occupied until the food arrives. Swimming pool, children's pool, large garden, geese, flowers will entice you.

Impala Hotel: Located in the shanty town, ie, about 3 miles from the city center is a nice cozy place. In-house restaurant serves Indian cuisine and English breakfast. Swimming pool, TV, experienced workers is a specialty. Room will keep the m. Suit both tourists and business travelers.

Sal Salinero Villa: This hotel is located in the city's poor, pretty close to the Impala Hotel. The restaurant serves Indian and continental food. Comfortable rooms, a fantastic interior, swimming pool, a lovely garden and flowers to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

AMEG Hotel: Another poor in Moshi Tanzania lodge. A beautifully arranged rooms with plenty of public space. The hotel restaurant serves continental and Indian dishes. Pool

Bristol cottages: In a city well-maintained comfortable property. Personalized service and quite close to the bus stop, bank, forex trading, shops etc. Bed and breakfast service available.

Mountain Inn: This property is owned by tour operator "Shah Tours, which specializes in mountaineering. If you want to book your travel with them, you will inevitably remain here to climb. Comfortable rooms, Indian and European cuisine, a swimming pool, a sauna, a beautiful garden, monitored 24/7 well-experienced staff.

Kindoroko: This is a 2-storey building on the main road (known as the double-track) is quite close to the market, shops and unusual. Suitable for budget travel budget.

Kilimanjaro Crane Hotels: the city, but not noisy road.

Parkview Hotel: The newly built property, located in the city is facing Uhuru Park. Walking distance of shops are located in the market, the bank.

Leopard Hotel: City. 3-storey building with markets and shops are all nearby. In-house F & B service.

Zebra Hotel: 5-storey building in the main road, on the other hand, which cuts off a little noise. This hotel is recently built and well maintained.

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