Mosquito Control Charleston SC: How to Keep Mosquito Population Under Control?  

by Pool Builders on 01-20-2013 in Articles

A mosquito is one of those things which despite being minuscule are one of the most feared creatures. A needle may be smaller than a sword but none can deny the fear that takes possession of everyone once they are told that a needle has been lost somewhere on the floor or bed. A mosquito is more frightening since it comes with its own needle which can inject the deadly virus into your blood stream.
It is therefore very important to follow a mosquito control Charleston SC program. You have to understand that you have to take personal safety steps to ensure that these creatures are not given a free rein. If you do not take precautionary steps, then the population of these winged creatures is likely to swell every season. Grumping about government's apathy will be unfair during those times. One of the chief advices which any Charleston mosquito mister would give you is to keep all the water bodies around your house clean and tidy. Thus, if there is a pond or lake around your home, then make sure that it is kept clean and hygienic. If it gathers dirt or garbage, then it becomes the hot breeding ground for all types of insects including flies and mosquitoes.
On the personal front, it is very important for you to ensure that that you are not allowing your swimming pool to get stale and rotten. If your pool is not cleaned regularly, then you will have to pretty soon go for Charleston mosquito misting to battle the winged invaders of the night. It is a common knowledge that mosquitoes use still water (and preferably dirty water) to lay larvae. These larvae thrive on dirty and still waters. Hence, swimming pools make for perfect breeding grounds from where they can take birth and set about flying inside your house in a matter of a few days.
So, to employ strict mosquito control Charleston SC, you must regularly clean your pools and not allow any stagnation of dirty water even for a day. The next thing you can do is survey your backyard, porch and other areas of the house to figure out if there is any place where water is getting accumulated. At times, a pail or a bucket may be lying around somewhere in your backyard. It would automatically accumulate rain water and become a breeding place for mosquitoes. Any Charleston mosquito mister is going to give you a serious chiding for encouraging their breeding because of your blatant ignorance.
Next, you should take a look around in your neighborhood. If you find any open drains or clogged gutters where water has accumulated, then bring this to the notice of the authority immediately. Quick action may help the whole locality. Finally, if you find that the population has become unbearably large, then call experts for mosquito control Charleston SC. These experts can take professional measures to kill the existing larvae. They will also use sprays and mist to ensure that future breeding is not encouraged.

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