Most Efficient Pool Heaters

by Pool Builders on 09-04-2008 in Articles

Are you looking for a pool heater that does the job, but will not cost you an arm and a leg to run or buy? Do you want to extend your swimming season without spending thousands of dollars to do so? There are three main types of swimming pool heaters and here is a rating as to which ones are the most efficient pool heaters.

First, we have the electric pool heater and just the sound of it says that one of your utilities is going to go up. This will effect your electric bill about as much as plugging in a couple of additional refrigerators. Plus this is a very expensive heater to get work done to and it seems to need the work very often. This one is not the winner of the most efficient award, but it will get you into the mid 80s

Second, there is the gas heater, which can make a strong case because it does heat your pool very quickly, but it is also quite expensive. It will be expensive to buy and to run. This one is the most efficient if you have a vacation home and only need it for a few days or want to use your pool on a very limited basis and just want to heat it a few hours before you get in.

Last, there is the solar heater. You can actually build this yourself for under $200 and you can maintain it for about $70 every couple years. Plus it will not cost you much more than plugging in a lamp on your electric bill and it will get you in the mid 80s if built correctly. This is the winner of the most efficient pool heaters award and it is also very friendly to mother earth as well.

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