Most Popular Types Of Swimming Pool Fences  

by Pool Builders on 08-01-2011 in Articles

Pool fences are designed in such a way that it will provide safety and prevent the untoward incidents of accidents. Installing fences is necessary with the increasing number of accidents for your own peace of mind. Nowadays, there are several types that you can choose from that are compatible with the landscaping you have.

Once you know the different kinds of fences, you can easily choose the popular type that will go with your pool.

Aluminum Fences: This is the most popular kind among the fences because of its stylish design that easily blends with any kind of home and landscape design regardless if your place is old or new. Aside from the beauty and elegance it provides in your home, aluminum fences are made to last long because they are resistant to chemicals, moisture and changing weather. Aluminum fences are made popular because of the affordable price it offers.

Timber Fences: These fences are made popular because of its versatility and provide privacy and safety to the homeowners. They offer prefabricated panels wherein you will have the option to transform them depending on your taste. This is ideal for those pools that are surrounded with garden.

Glass Fences: This type of fence can be most expensive among the pool fences the reason why this is usually found in high end homes. This can be seen mostly on hotel pools and commercial pools. This gives any homes the ambience of being luxurious. Nowadays, there are glass fence kits that are more affordable. These are made of highest quality glass materials which gives very little chance of cracking or breaking.

Solid Panel PVC: This is available in solid panel forms and provides a maximum level of privacy as well. This does not offer security but ornamentation as well. You can see these pool fences with different colors and designs.

Chain Link: This is a kind of pool fence that offers security but does not possess artistic quality on its side but requires very low maintenance and still gives the privacy you want. If you want to exercise your creative side, you can always practice your creativity with some of the designs in different colors.

In installing the pool fences in your pool area, it is necessary that you have to consider some more added features such as spring hinged gates that will automatically close every time you make an entrance or exit in the gate. A solid locking system for your pool fences will be advisable for your peace of mind when you are away.

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