Mushrif Park - Where Nature and Adventure Combine  

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Located away from Dubai's city centre, Mushrif Park is an all-inclusive park that is ideal families or for the single traveller to enjoy some serenity. The park is filled with restaurants, swimming pools and trails and is perfect for some light fun.


Mushrif Park is designed as an 'international village' with thirteen models of Middle Eastern and British houses. The sight of these unique dwellings spread across the park is to be savoured when you visit the park. Visitors who stroll across the welcoming verdant expanses will also discover several entertainment activities to indulge in. The park has structured some amazing swimming pools where individuals and families can relax and enjoy the sun. They've also got some great outdoor venues around the pool area, with restaurants and snack outlets so anyone can grab a bite when they get hungry after a swim. Swimming is just one of the many activities available at the park; there are expansive volleyball, handball and basketball courts for those interested in engaging in some outdoor exercise with friends and family.
If you happen to be travelling with little ones or teenagers who are easily bored, this would be the best place to encounter a brand of fun that is perfect for everyone. There are game portals with electronic games for children and for adults. There's also a safe and friendly child game area for little kids to play in. You could even opt for camel or horse riding for a dose of something unique at this fun venue. Some may find the theatre an attractive space to hangout in as there are often musical concerts held here and the live music featured can be enjoyed by folks of all ages.

The biking trails across the park offer scenic panoramas for nature lovers to savour, which is something that is truly unique about Mushrif Park. It is surrounded by trees and wonderful verdant spaces that one can only encounter here when in Dubai. The trails crisscross over the entire park area and will definitely give you a good workout whilst keeping your mind steady and serene in the midst of such vibrant green. The BBQ areas and picnic areas are beautifully designed to feature tents and plenty of natural shade to keep one cool in the hot temperature.

When looking for a place to stay that is close to Mushrif Park and to other famous landmarks around the city, the array of Dubai luxury hotels offer international visitors some of the premium options for accommodation. Visitors will be spoiled for choice at the extensive range of 5 star hotels Dubai has to offer all who come here. One option would be the Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai which offers elegant interiors and modern amenities for a welcome stay.

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