Must Have Above Ground Pool Accessories

by Pool Builders on 08-14-2011 in Articles

When the layperson thinks of above ground pool accessories, things like rafts and dive toys come to mind. Pool owners know that accessories are really things like pumps, filters, automatic vacuums, and heaters. Pumps and filters keep the pool running, while automatic vacuums make cleaning easier. Heaters and solar blankets take the swimming experience to the next level and are increasingly included on the must-have list by those who want the most from their pools.

Pumps are not interchangeable when it comes to a swimming pool. Certain pumps, like the Hayward PowerFlo Matrix, are designed for above ground pools. It converts from horizontal to vertical discharge with the touch of a button, making it quite versatile. An industrial-sized strainer basket allows the pump to collect a large amount of debris without requiring ongoing maintenance. Quick connection and disconnection for intake and discharge makes it easy for inexperienced owners to maintain their pools.

Filters keep pool water clean, making swimming a pleasure. Sand filters are the standard for above ground swimming pools and Hayward makes a Pro Series line of filters that feature the latest technology. Water flow is efficient and smooth and the backwashing process is completely balanced. These units are made from polymeric material so they are corrosion-proof. Their 360-degree slotted laterals are self-cleaning, reducing maintenance tasks. A control valve featuring seven positions provides maximum efficiency and simple operation.

Though regular sand is perfectly suitable for use with a sand filter, zeolite minerals give the filter super powers. Replace the sand in the filter with all-natural Zeobrite and water will be clearer than ever. In addition, backwashing will be reduced by as much as 50 percent, saving energy. These minerals are easy to install and can be used in all sand filters. Swimmers will notice that their eyes do not burn and the chorine odor is not as strong.

Vacuuming the pool keeps the liner free of rocks, leaves, dirt, and other debris. People do not enjoy swimming in a dirty pool so give it a thorough cleaning before anyone takes a dip. Manual vacuums are easy to operate and do an adequate job. However, if the goal is to spend less time cleaning and more time swimming, get an automatic vacuum. Barracuda created the Ranger vacuum for above ground pools. Whenever the pump runs, it gets to work, automatically cleaning the pool.

Though not a necessity, it sure is nice to extend the swimming season. Pool heaters and solar blankets allow the family to swim well into the fall. When a solar cover is used, the pool stays cleaner and loses less water to evaporation. As water is lost, so are those expensive water treatment chemicals. A cover saves money multiple ways and prolongs open season for the pool.

Whatever accessories the shopping list includes, make sure they are of the highest quality. It is usually worth spending extra money to purchase a reliable brand that other pool owners recommend. Once the pool is equipped with the essential accessories, the owner can rest assured that it will perform at its peak.

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