My Review of the Lewis Grand Hotel  

by Pool Builders on 03-17-2014 in Articles

In March of 2010 I went to see my Filipina friend in Angeles, the Philippines. We stayed at the Lewis Grand Hotel in the city of Angeles. Angeles is around 1 hour north of Manila by bus.I flew from New York, so I had to fly from JFK airport to TOKyo and then change planes for Manila.

After I landed in Manila, I stayed at the Heritage hotel overnight and waited for my dear friend to meet me in Manila the next day. We toOK the bus to Angeles. We rode on the Douglas MacArthur highway appropriately named and then toOK a motorbike to the hotel. Angeles is a small city and everything is in close proximity to each other.

We arrived at the hotel and checked in. It is a very large hotel and one can immediately tell it was constructed some time ago.It loOKed like one of those 80-year-old hotels, pre-world war two, a throw back to old Manila.The hotel was very clean. Our room was very large and comfortable.We spent a restful night. The next day we had breakfast in the hotel.That was my main complaint. The food was overpriced and we had to wait forever it seemed for the waiter to come and serve us. The food was OK, not great but good.That was the last time we ate in the hotel.For the rest of my stay we ate in other places.

My favorite feature of the hotel was the swimming pool. It was very large, clean and well-kept. It was open all night to the guests- wonderful! On our second night there, my friend invited her friends over to the pool. We had a great time We went in the pool after 9p.m and stayed in for hours,it seemed all night. I am a good swimmer and i swam to my heart's content. My friend is an excellent swimmer, she loved it as she does not go swimming very often. One of my favorite memories is of me-floating on my back in the pool, loOKing up at the stars on a clear tropical night.For a few moments I thought I was in heaven. Everything seemed perfect,for a while I was at peace with the world. My problems and concerns about my future seemed a million miles away!

From what I saw, the hotel has no extra frills, just the basics- housekeeping, room service and a small recreational area in the back.

The city of Angeles is small, so your choice of hotels there are not that many.If you like a large hotel with an old-fashioned loOK,you will like the Lewis Grand. For me, I will not stay there again if I return to Angeles. I prefer a cheaper, smaller hotel, I am not fussy or particular.I have simple tastes and I am satisfied with just having a small air-conditioned room with a comfortable bed to sleep on. For those of you planning on staying in Angeles it is very nice there with a great shopping mall. It is near the Clark field airport. Enjoy!

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