My Swimming Pool Leaks - Panic!

by Pool Builders on 09-06-2009 in Articles

Yes! That's the trouble with swimming pools, they all eventually leak. Well almost all the ones that aren't built correctly that is, except liner pools where they have a lifespan of... Well nobody actually knows what the lifespan of a liner is but it depends on a few factors like:

  • Good or bad maintenance.
  • Use. How often you use your swimming pool.
  • Abuse. That one goes without saying.
  • Luck. You've heard of some people who after buying a new car, for some reason unbeknown to all of us, the new car has done nothing good but go wrong, rattle, breakdown, or something's come off in your hand etc, etc. Yes it happened to us with (of all things) a vacuum cleaner. Where friends of ours have had the same model and had nothing but praise for their machine where our little cleaner is not doing what it says on the side of the tin (Grr!) Not all recommendation are good.
  • Keeping the Swimming pool water in balance. Don't allow the pH of the water to get above 8.0, Try maintaining pH around 7.5 You should check your swimming pool at least twice a week in the summer season and even though you may not use the swimming pool in the winter you should still check the pool water balance at least once a week to avoid swings in the PH balance where you end up taking ages to achieve the correct balance all for the sake of just half an hour a week of your time.
  • Keeping the alkalinity of the water between 80-140 PPM. Low or high alkalinity also affects pool water balance and it enables the  sanitizer to  perform efficiently.
  • Keeping an eye on the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and calcium hardness Check the TDS  every 6 months or less and calcium hardness every month.
  • There's a lot of Keeping.
  • Cleaning regularly the skimmer and pool pump basket of debris.
  • Avoiding adding pool chemicals during the day  Add them in the evening.
  • Not to have the heating up to high This will affect the lifespan of the liner.
  • The bather load. Too many bathers in the pool time after time will limit the lifespan of the liner.
  • The suns UV rays deteriorates the liner material.
  • Keeping the liner clean. Brush the walls regularly. This will help eliminate algae problems.
The positive side of having a new liner is it's almost like having a brand new swimming pool (excepting the coping and surrounding deck may need a scrub up) and the best time to renovate your pool is after the season ends ready to open up in spring or there abouts. (You can't tell these days when spring starts and summer ends).

Remember though once the swimming pool is filled and holds the water, anything that happens to the liner and its lifespan is most often if not completely the responsibility of the one who regularly maintains the pool and no one else.

You might think I'm trying to put people off owning a swimming pool? But no. Not at all.

Owning a swimming pool is like owning a new house, a new car, a new yacht,  or a new  plasma screen TV.  As soon as the parts and the pieces are put together as a unit. That unit begins to deteriorate.

That goes the same for a swimming pool.

Look after yourself.

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