Nasuli Spring Resort  

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Nasuli or National Summer Linguistic is located in Barangay Bangcud, Malaybalay City. It is about 20 kilometers from the city proper. The location can be reached through bus and multicabs going to Valencia City or Davao City.

This is a wonderful spot for picnic and swimming. The pool has three main springs. They were the main swimming pool by the diving board, next the spring on the right once you look towards the spillway and the other to the left. These 3 springs varied between 15-30 feet deep. Accordingly, because the strong pressure beneath the main pool, the Americans placed a steel drum to reduce the powerful pressure of the water. That's why the water is very calm and you also cant see any bursting pressure in the pool.

Nasuli Spring was formerly maintained by SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics). SIL according to Wikipedia is a US based, globally, Religious non-profit institution, whose main objective is to study, develop and document dialects, especially those which are lesser-identified, to be able to expand linguistic knowledge, increase reading and writing, convert the Christian Holy bible into regional dialects, and help minority language enhancement. In those days, there is no entrance charge. But after several years, Nasuli Spring was given over to the Ducusin Family- the first who owns the resort. They now ask for P10.00 per person for the maintenance and growth and development of the resort.

At the entrance, you will see habal-habal (motorcycles) which may take you to the spring. However , you may also take a walk for only less than a kilometer from the highway. Additionally you have to bring your personal meals and snacks because there are no stores nearby. The picnic ground is very much clean that some people utilize it for photo shoots.

Nasuli Spring is a very memorable place for me. We used to come here nearly every saturday or sunday together with my family. I remember when I was a kid; we used to visit our relatives who're residing just near the pool of Nasuli Spring. During those times, I still don't know how to swim but simply by looking at the waters of the spring tends to make me feel at ease and relaxing. We also pick many varieties of fruits such as Johey Oak and Tico berry which are grown close to the spillway of the pool. We also used to join Sunrise Service during the Lent Season at the runway of the Nasuli airport.

Today, Nasuli Spring Resort is still being visited by most of the locals. Because of its ice cold spring water which naturally sprouts on its pool, many visitors stop by the place and feel the relaxing quench of Bukidnon water. So when you plan to go swimming, drop by at Nasuli Spring Resort and feel the thrill of Bukidnon nature.

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