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by Pool Builders on 12-06-2009 in Articles

For decades, people have been imagining and designing the "home of the future". Often, these homes have incorporated futuristic ideas of efficiency, such as computer-controlled environments, kitchens that clean themselves and robots that perform household chores. Lights, devices for listening to music or watching television become voice-activated and the whole home operates with self-sustaining power. It's all science fiction, right? Not quite- a home that is able to be power self-sufficient and generate its own electricity is already a reality.

Companies like National Green Power, a green energy solution center, have long battled science fiction-type myths about solar power and solar thermal systems. Average consumers are quick to assume that solar panels are prohibitively expensive, that the production of the solar thermal system equipment is harmful to the environment, that solar-generated energy is produced in such micro-quantities as to be essentially useless in a real home environment. The perpetuation of these myths is frustrating! National Green Power has made it their mission to educate the power-consuming public as to the genuine options available to meet their residential and commercial power needs with solar energy.

An opportunity that National Green Power is particularly proud to present to their customers is to consider outfitting a home or business with a solar thermal system. A solar thermal system uses modern plumbing products and exceptionally efficient techniques for capturing the sun's energy to produce hot water. This cost-saving, energy-efficient system keeps a home or business' hot water available on tap, while reducing the need for gas or electricity to heat the water. Customers are often surprised to learn that the yearly cost savings earned as result of installing a solar thermal system far outweigh the reasonable cost of purchasing and installing the equipment. Indeed, even retrofitting a home or office with a solar thermal system can reduce heating costs dramatically.

Solar thermal systems can even be used to heat swimming pools. Imagine all the wasted energy released from the surface of an outdoor swimming pool while it is not in use. An excessive amount of energy is needed to maintain a comfortable water temperature, energy that may have been produced miles away by power sources that burn fossil fuels or draw energy from dammed rivers and lakes. It only makes sense that pool owners consider using power sources for heating that are responsible, sustainable and, ultimately, cost efficient. A solar thermal system is a viable method for consideration.

National Green Power is proud to offer services that help customers make use of the most cost-effective, green solutions possible. They offer consultation services for residential, commercial and industrial customers, making sure that the design of any green solution meets the power demands of each system. National Green Power also retails the solar energy or equipment needed to make a solar thermal system, or any green solution, into a reality.

For more information about green energy solutions for the home or office, visit NationalGreenPower.

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