Natural Pools Let You Get More In Touch With Nature

by Pool Builders on 03-19-2011 in Articles

Homeowners in European countries have embraced natural swimming pools and have had them incorporated into the landscapes of their backyards. Natural pools/ponds are slowly gaining favor in the United States. Natural swimming pools began catching on when Austrian Peter Petrich and his company began installing natural swimming pools. His company launched a movement.

If you're looking for a way to get in touch with nature constructing a natural swimming pool is a great way to have their pool blend in with their natural landscape. These pools are also a haven for wildlife and don't upset the natural environment.

Natural swimming pools are fashioned after the natural balance and self-cleaning ecosystem found in nature, and because of that they have no need for a mechanical filtration system. They don't use chemicals to keep the water clean. Natural pools use plants and microscopic "wildlife" to keep the water sparkling clean and swimmable. A natural pool in your backyard works the same way streams and other natural bodies of water use in nature. Harmful bacteria, oils, animal waste and plankton are cleaned naturally just as they are in lakes, ponds and streams found in the wild.

In a natural swimming pool there is an area designated for aquatic plants that keep the water clean and is known as the regeneration zone. Apart from the regeneration area is the swimming area. In the regeneration zone of your natural pool, the plants you put in act as natural filters to break down the waste products and microorganisms into nutrients to keep the plants fed and healthy. You will still want to install a pump to keep the water circulating to prevent stagnation in the pool.

If you're trying to make a decision on whether a natural pool is right for you, here are a few things to consider:

  • With the right mix of plant life, the water will be so clear you will be able to see the bottom
  • Because of the pump, the water will be in continual motion, thereby discouraging mosquitoes
  • Because there are no chemicals in the pool, the water feels soft against your skin

The basic premise of building a natural swimming pool or pond is relatively simple. There is more to it than simply digging a hole, dropping in a liner and putting in some plants. Because you are constructing a complex eco system, you need to understand the relationship between the plants and the water and how they work together to keep the water clean.

When you're talking to a pool contractor about your natural pool, remember it can blend seamlessly into the natural setting of your backyard or it can make a statement and be an elaborate project. The placement of the plants, while typically in one designated area, also add ambiance and beauty to the pool when scattered throughout the entire swimming area. Keep in mind, your regeneration area should be as large as the swimming area - this needs to be front of mind when determining the size of your natural pool.

Natural swimming pools work in hotel and public settings as well as in a backyard location. When it comes to installing a natural swimming pool or pond, their aesthetic and environmental benefits cannot be underestimated.

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