Natural Remedies For Dull Hair  

by Pool Builders on 09-09-2012 in Articles

Having oily hair is a drag, but having dry hair is worse. A woman who has dry hair will naturally worry a lot since we all know that hair is every woman's crown of glory. If you are one of the million people who have dull hair, you should consider seeking natural remedies to resolve the issue. Some people would be frustrated after trying products from over the counter that promise to revive the hair and to give it a natural, bouncy, softer hair after using the product. You shouldn't be surprised if you bought a product that promises to give you beautiful hair because most of the hair products are full of chemicals that can do more harm than good to the hair.

Some individuals who have dry hair may also suffer dry scalp which leads to dandruff. typically, those who have oily hair are the ones who suffer from dandruff but there are certain cases when people who have dry hair also get dandruff.

There are many reasons why one has dry hair but these factors are categorized as external and internal. When talking about external factors it pertains to exposure to harsh chemicals, harsh shampoo, shampooing too often, hair dye, hair perms, chlorine in swimming pools and hot tubs, overuse of the blow dryer or curling iron, too much exposure to sun and wind, high mineral content in local water supplies. Internal factors pertain to genes when the scalp is not able to produce oil as needed by the hair to moisturize it, cancer treatment, certain medications; nutritional deficiency and prolonged illness all of these can cause dry hair.

Having dry hair because of external factors is not difficult to remedy. All you have to keep in mind is to avoid using products that can harm your hair. If possible use hair products that are made of organic or natural ingredients. Instead of having your hair treated with hot oil from the parlor, why not use pure coconut oil to treat your dry hair. Yes, I'm talking about real coconut milk that you use for cooking dishes. Simply wet your hair with coconut pure milk using a cotton ball and cover your hair with a shower cap once it is fully wet with coconut oil. Also, when you go swimming make sure that you use a swimming cap before dipping in the pool r beach. If you are outdoors, use a cap or a bandana to protect your hair from the sun's heat.

Avoid shampooing your hair daily. Of course, this also depends on your lifestyle. If you work in the fields or if you are constantly sweating and in contact with dirt and dust you need to shampoo your hair daily. But for those who are in the office, school or at home you should just shampoo your hair every other day. There is a misconception about using baby shampoo, some people think that they are safe to use daily but their pH is usually far too high which can cause dry hair.

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