Natural Swimming Pools: An Ecological Wonder

by Pool Builders on 02-21-2011 in Articles

In recent times, an increasing number of people are taking to creating natural swimming pools as their most preferred swimming pool design. This kind of pool doesn't relying on factory made chemicals at all. It's all about making a pool that blends with nature, as well as creating an eco-friendly atmosphere, and the outcome is amazing.

Natural pools are created with gravel stones, as well as clay, instead of concrete or even fiberglass, and use the concept of water plants rather than man-made chemical substances and complex mechanical filtering systems to keep the water clean.

The vegetation feeds the natural swimming pool with oxygen, supporting the good type of bacteria, and that eliminates the harmful microorganisms and overall it creates a pleasant environment for the little water creatures and insects - as well as the pool owners and their families. The outcome is stunning, you will be able to swim in pure water without any harsh or even aggressive chemical substances and you'll be mixing closely with nature. It will feel as though you are in a pond, but it is amazingly clean and you will be swimming in an actual pool, sans the chlorine.

This kind of natural pool has many names it's known by, such as the wetland pool, the bio pool, a swimming pond, an organic swimming pool, the chemical free pool, the ecological pool, the green pool, etc.

There are two zones in the swimming pond, there's the much deeper central swimming zone and the shallower regeneration zone. These two areas are separated by a submerged wall through which the water can flow between the two zones. There isn't any need to use chlorine or any other of the usual swimming pool chemicals, you'll just need a filter along with a circulation pump system.

One must understand, there's a vast difference between a proper organic pool as apposed to a fishpond which has a gravel bed with plants inside it. Getting the actual bio engineering right takes plenty of insight, as well as understanding. Unwanted algae can be very difficult to manage. DIY handymen, for example, can tend not to be experts in this field, and can be vulnerable to making mistakes and they may be left with an ugly eco-friendly pond giving the industry a poor name. Eco friendly pools will be gorgeous to look at, but they'll can turn out to be terrible if not done correctly.

Natural pools can be any size or shape, as designing the shape is simply up to the owner. It's also one of the cheapest swimming pool designs to construct and preserve. Cleaning and taking care of natural pools will go on throughout the year.

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