Necessary Swimming Pool Equipment  

by Pool Builders on 02-18-2012 in Articles

There are several pieces of necessary swimming pool equipment for a pool to function properly. Different types of pools require various types of equipment. However, all pools require essential pieces of equipment to remain clean and operate on a daily basis.

Purification systems and pumps are necessary to ensure that a pool is kept clean at all times. The pump allows for constant movement of the water from the pool through the filtration system. This keeps any harmful debris out of the pool and the water remains generally clean. There are several options in equipment when keeping a pool clean at all times. There are pool vacuums that crawl along the bottom of the pool floor and use suction to pick up particles from the bottom of the water. Other cleaning machines skim and pick up debris from the surface of the water. Choosing a cleaning apparatus for a pool will highly depend on the size of the pool and how much a consumer is willing to spend.

Cleaning and sanitizing chemicals are combined with the cleaning machines to maintain cleanliness. There is great importance in reading and following instructions that come with pool chemicals to keep the pool non-toxic to users. Levels of chemicals should be checked on a daily basis as instructed on the label. More and more there are environmentally friendly ways to clean pools with the use of ionizers. Ionizers destroy harmful microorganisms using a metal ion that is discharged into the water. Ionizer instructions are also important because not all are suitable for all weather conditions. There is also a solar ionizer that floats on the pool while killing harmful organisms in the water. Along with ionizers are instruments that assist with checking the ion count to maintain balance in the pool each day. One final ionizer is the ozone generator. This machine releases ozone into the pool to rid the water of harmful organisms quickly.

Pools benefit from seasonal or nightly use of pool covers. Pool covers provide security and safety from debris or people falling into the pool. The most popular covers include solar and winter covers. Although signified as winter covers, these covers can be used year round to prevent falling branches, leaves, etc. from falling into the pool. A solar cover, on the other hand makes pool water warmer from the sun and heat from the sun penetrating through the cover. Both covers assist with evaporation of the pool water to minimize the process.

Keeping safety and cost in mind are two important aspects of choosing necessary swimming pool equipment. There is economic friendly machinery that will lower the cost of pool maintenance in the long run. There are a great deal of resources and reviews available in print and on the Internet.

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