Need an Automatic Pool Cleaner? Consider a Dolphin

by Pool Builders on 10-26-2010 in Articles

It doesn't matter whether it is large or small in size, either way you have to do the maintenance job of keeping the water clean. It is overwhelming to think that you will have to clean your swimming pool manually at regular intervals. Hence, it is highly advisable to have an automatic pool cleaner. You can use this device to maintain the freshness and cleanliness of water.

Used regularly, an automatic cleaner device will maintain your swimming pool's water clean and clear. There are lots of brands available in the market but Dolphin is a known and trusted name when it comes to pool maintenance.

Different brands are fall under Dolphin and you'll need to search for the one which will fulfill your purpose. There are a few things to consider before making a purchase. It must be energy saving and space saving. It must save the stress of doing the cleaning on your own. There are two particular automatic pool cleaners for your swimming pool, depending on the pool's size.

The DX5B automatic pool cleaner and DX3 automatic cleaner are the two known models under Dolphin.

You have to know the particulars and the efficiency of the cleaner for your specific need. Only then only you can take a suitable decision to buy this.

Worried about your large size swimming pool cleanliness? Here is your solution for your lovely big size swimming pool where you and you loved ones can jump together. The DX5B is the best pool cleaning device. It efficiently cleans the water of a large size swimming pool. The DX5B is a remote control operated equipment build with a caddy. It is inherently an energy saver it operated by battery. There is no chord present in the DX5B automatic pool cleaner. Its approximate price range can be $ 3000 and it is available in the market pool supply stores.

The other known brand is the DX3 automatic pool cleaner. If your swimming pool size is smaller or you have a small budget then you can go for the DX3 automatic pool cleaner. It efficiently cleans the water and keeps your swimming pool in fresh condition. It's a space saving and power saving device. It is driven by battery without any chord like the DX5B. It is remote controlled and comes with its own caddy. For your small budget it is the perfect one. It will only set you back $600 to purchase this from your nearest pool supply store.

It is the best decision to go with Dolphin automatic pool cleaning device. It will keep your pool water in clean and fresh condition and will clean all the debris from your swimming pool. There are lots of other automatic pool cleaner devices available. So just go to your nearest market or to a pool supply store and pick up the best one for your pool.

Please note that the price quote given in this article is based on the present market price at the time of writing. So don't be scared to clean the swimming pool. Now you can have the automatic pool cleaner and enjoy your swim.

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