New Choices and Options In Todays Inground Pools  

by Pool Builders on 05-29-2008 in Articles

If you haven't taken a little time to have a good look at what actually goes into todays inground pools then you will be in for a big surprise when you do. One big change that has take place is that prefabricated inground pools with plastic liners have taken on a whole new look. Not only do they look so much better but they are now available in multitudes of choices in styles, sizes as well as materials.

Realistic Coral Reef Inground Pool Liners

One major noticeable advancement is in the liners in these newer prefabricated pools. Of course, the simple blue plastic liner is still available but there are now great new choices in decorative liners that give the pool a whole new look. For not much more money your kids and their friends can swim in an inground pool that sports a "coral reef" pool liner complete with multicolored tropical fish, seaweed and even a rocknd and colored floor.

Easy to Install Coping and Prefabricated Decking

For a far more extravagant look, there is heavy gaged faux gravel inground pool liners that look so much like the real thing, that unless someone is told they will assume that the pool is actually lined with gravel embedded in cement. Custom coping and easy to install prefabricated decking also make it possible to create a total look that is nothing short of fantastic.

Buy Online and Install it Yourself for Double the Savings

More great news is that people are no longer at the mercy of high rolling swimming pool contractors any more. This is because the latest in state of the art inground pool technology and creative design innovation is now available online with the simple click of a mouse. So now you can buy online and install it yourself for double the savings.

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