New Choices in Swimming Pool Lights   

by Pool Builders on 11-16-2008 in Articles

As anyone who owns a pool already knows, pool lights are definitely a necessary integral part of a pools overall design. In the past, pool lights were basically functional, in that their job was to provide adequate lighting for the pool. However; in recent years new developments have allowed pool owners to use their swimming pool lights to help to create an ambiance in their pool as well.

What you are going to use your pool for will figure in heavily when deciding what type of lights you are going to use in it. For instance, mood lighting is best installed in the pool, while while if your pool is for swimming laps you most likely wont be in the market for any type of mood lighting.

One new brand of pool lights that is gaining in popularity is called Slim lights. They are noted for their smaller size and low profile. In fact, if you have a connected hot tub or jacuzzi feature in your pool this may be the type of lighting that will suit it best.

One more brand of smaller less intrusive swimming pool lights is a brand that is called Spa Brite. However; these types of lights are also known for the limited amount of actual light that they give off, so this is something that you may want to consider.

One feature that you may be interested in looking at is an in pool switch board that allows you to adjust the lighting while you are in the pool. Hey, but what about the electricity? Won't you run the risk of getting shocked? If this is something that you will worry about then take a look at what is available in fiber optic swimming pool lights that use glass fibers to transfer the light, rather than electricity.

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