New Decorative Faux Stone Above Ground Pool Liners Mimic Exposed Aggregate Perfectly  

by Pool Builders on 08-18-2008 in Articles

One of the amazing aspects of todays new and completely realistic faux stone vinyl above ground pool liners is just how precisely they duplicate the complete look and feel of genuine stone. This in turn has led a growing number of home owners with conventional cement, built in pools to go with a faux stone vinyl pool liner in place of the genuine article.

Complete Realism

Its a fact. Vinyl stone above ground pool liners are simply a better choice for the application then real stone. To begin with, there is virtually no telling the difference between the two, with regards to realism even when your face is stuck right up to it. Its just that real looking. So why is a faux stone vinyl above ground pool liner the better choice over a genuine exposed aggregate pool surface?

A Very Trendy High End Look

Exposed aggregate, with its surface composed of shiny, naturally rounded, semi polished pebbles became popular on driveways, patios and sidewalks of high end homes around three decades ago. Then, somewhere along the way people began to surface their in ground cement pools in exposed aggregate. However; while it looks fantastic in a pool it is very expensive to have done.

Adverse Reactions to Pool Chemicals

Also, while exposed aggregate looks stunning, it does have its structural shortfalls. Individual pebbles can come loose and fall out and if not properly maintained, it is susceptible to discoloration due to algae or fungus growth. Also, in a pool the minerals in the pebbles themselves can have a tenancy to react with the chemicals in the swimming pools water, loosing their color and becoming chalky. These are all just a few of the reasons why a vinyl faux gravel above ground pool line is the best overall choice for the exposed aggregate look in any pool.

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