New High Tech Security Options for Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 08-18-2008 in Articles

Of course you have a fence around your swimming pool, because it is a code requirement in virtually every town and city in the U.S. today. However is it fool proof? The fact is, that new technological developments have made it possible for todays swimming pool owner to contain their pool in an invisible barrier that will sound the alarm if any child should find their way in their pool area.

Invisible Barriers

Todays swimming pool owner now have a wide variety of new high tech devices and systems to choose from and newer systems are continually being developed. Of course, motion and infrared sensors have been available for some time now and they are now more sensitive then ever. Laser sensors that encase a pool in an invisible line of defense are also now in common use.

Safer to Swim Alone

However; newer types of security device for swimming pools are now being developed and marketed, including systems that can differentiate between an active swimmer and someone that is in need of help. This type of system is something that would make swimming alone so much safer because it will automatically summon help if a lone swimmer should find themselves in distress.

Other Types of Systems

Other types of systems that are now being perfected, include a number of types of device that are capable of sounding the alarm if a body of any size should enter the water. They simply float on the surface when the pool is not in use and by sensing sound or motion in the water they can sound the alarm if a small child should find their way in to the pool.

The cost of these systems is continually falling and at the same time they are become increasingly less complicated to operate. Fences and gates will stop the vast majority of children there is aways that one child in the bunch that will challenge these older security measures and pose a risk to pool owners. However these new high tech invisible electrical systems are infallible and can encase your pool in an impassable fool proof system.

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