New Ingenious Decorative Above Ground Pool Liners Breath New Life Into Backyards Everywhere  

by Pool Builders on 06-27-2008 in Articles

It seems that over the course of the past decade above ground pool manufacturers have brought forth one new improvement or innovation after another. Custom manufactured, commercial sized pools, new sunken pools with a deep end and diving board, prefabricated wrap around decks and the list just goes on and on. So, just when it seems that they can't take things any further, low and behold, they now come out with fantastic new concepts in brilliant decorative above ground pool liners.

A Complete Transformation

These new cleverly designed and manufactured above ground pool liners allow pool owners everywhere to completely change the total look of their pool. What started out as a stark blue functional swimming pool in a backyard can now be morphed in such a way that it can transform a backyard into tropical oasis or a stylishly designed and landscaped showpiece.

Kids Gone Wild

Kids just go wild over the new "Tropical Lagoon" above ground pool liners that make it so easy to transform any backyard into a tropical paradise. A veritable cornucopia of multi colored fish and seaweed festoon the sides of the pool liner, while coral, rocks, starfish and sand cover the bottom.

Lost in a Tropical Paradise

Your kids will have a ball swimming around the pool with their mask and snorkel imagining that they are swimming in an exotic tropical reef in some far off island paradise. Whats more, is that because the colors are embedded right in the pool liner they will last the lifetime of the pool.

Amazingly Real Looking

Of course, tropical lagoon isn't the only new design option that is available in these amazing new custom designed above ground pool liners. For instance, there is a wide choice in contemporary designs that feature looks such as faux ceramic tile, that looks so much like real tile that you will absolutely amazed.

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