New Mothers - Did You Love Going to Aquanatal Classes When You Were Pregnant? Why Not Carry on the Fun by Taking Your New Baby Swimming?  

by Pool Builders on 08-12-2012 in Articles

Many women discover the many great health, fitness and social benefits of belonging to aquanatal classes during pregnancy. Aquanatal classes give pregnant women an opportunity to go out and be active, make some great new friends, enjoy themselves, and also get their bodies stronger and healthier. If you have had your baby and are missing the fun and fitness, then why not think about joining a class women can do with their babies? There is sure to be at least one in your local area that would be perfect.

The Benefits of Joining Mother and Infant Swimming Classes
Much like with the aquanatal water based exercise lessons you enjoyed before your baby was born, mother and child swimming classes offer a wealth of benefits. Here are some of the key advantages you will get by signing up for a class with your newborn.

€ It is another great way to meet other women with new babies, and have someone you can talk to endlessly about your new child if your childless friends are starting to show signs of baby overload!
€ Babies love the water, and take to swimming very naturally in the early months of their lives.

€ It is a great form of exercise that can help as part of your plans to shed any baby weight. Combined with dieting and some more intensive cardio and resistance work, you'll be back to your pre-pregnancy body in no time if you swim!
€ It is a fun way to spend time with your baby doing something interesting. Newborns are cute, but let's face it, they aren't the best company a lot of the time. Here is a way you and your new child can have a shared activity, even at this very young age.
€ It is a really good bonding experience for you and your new baby.

€ It helps your baby learn coordination skills and helps their growing muscles develop.

€ Swimming and water based exercises are great for your body, because you can use all of your muscles and work against the resistance of the water, with very minimal risk of injury and no pressure on your joints.

All mother and baby swimming classes are overseen by professionally trained fitness experts and pool lifeguards, so you know that the exercises you will be doing will be beneficial and safe, and there are people on hand to help you if you run into trouble.

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