New Pool Safety Regulations  

by Pool Builders on 04-13-2011 in Articles

During our hot months it is a very lucky thing to have a swimming pool. Pool owners or those who are about to own a pool should be aware that as of December 1st 2010, new laws came into effect regarding swimming pool safety. For pools that are surrounded by gardens or other buildings close by, there is a possibility some changes will be required, this means you should have the pool area should be checked for compliance. To avoid fines and unsafe swimming areas, anything that does need to be changed should be done.

The new pool laws - what you need to do. -

If you are buying, selling or renting a home where there is a pool, there needs to be a current pool safety certificate available. These are issued by pool safety inspectors and are valid for 1 year if the pool is shared or 2 years if it is not. There is a pool safety register that all pools need to be listed on and these rules apply to indoor pools also. If your pool or spa is a portable one you are still required to have safety barriers surrounding these if the depth is more than 300mm. Unless you are planning to sell or lease your property, you have until November 30th 2015 to comply with the current laws. If you are planning on having a pool with landscaping put in, then you will be required to have building development approval. Whilst the pool is being constructed then you will be allowed to have temporary fencing that is compliant for 3 months maximum. After this time you will need to have permanent fencing installed and both temporary and permanent fencing require inspections and approval from the building certifier.

Following the laws made easy. -

A great way to guarantee your pool and surrounding gardens comply with the new pool laws is to have them constructed by a professional landscaper. A landscaping company will be very aware of the new laws and understand exactly what is required. As it is their business it will be of utmost importance to ensure all rules are followed precisely and avoid any errors in the process. They can offer advice on the best way to make changes to your garden and surrounds should they be required or on constructing a new beautiful lush surround for your pool.

For all your outdoor rooms, landscaping and pool requirements you can't go wrong enlisting the help of a professional landscaper. You can relax and enjoy your pool and beautiful surrounding gardens knowing that it is safe for everyone and complies with the laws.

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